Going the Adobe Route to Photo Editing for the iPad with PS Express

Adobe photo shop express for the iPad – iPad photo editing

iPad photo editing app

This is a simple photo editing application from Adobe made especially for the iPad. When you first open it up you see a panel in the centre of the screen, inviting you to select a photo. This allows you to look inside your iPad photo albums and choose a single photo to work with. In the bottom left of the screen you will see four icons, the first one is for cropping. Well, the symbol is the crop symbol, that she will see when you want to make a photo smaller, by taking away some of the area of the photo that you don’t want, but when you tap on that icon, you also have the option to straighten, rotate or to flip.

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Getting your iPad Photo Flipped Vertically Or Horizontally

If you choose flip then you can choose which way you want to flip the iPad photos. Swipe up or down and the photo will flip vertically, and if you swipe from left to right all right to left, the image will be flipped horizontally. This works very quickly on the screen and when you have it’s the way you want it, just tap on okay.

If you choose to straighten, then you will see a grid appear on your screen which divided into thirds, top to bottom and also left to right. This gives you lines horizontally and vertically that you can use, when you move your finger on the screen to rotate the photo. I was impressed with the speed with which it worked. In the same list of options you also have available, rotate, what this gives you is the option to rotate it quickly through 90°. When you are using the rotate through 90°, you don’t lose any of the image, but you do when you use the straighten option.

Using the iPad Photo Editing application to Enhance the Photo

Photoshop Express iPad Photos

The next menu gives you the exposure, saturation, tint, black and white and contrast options. In the centre of the screen, when using the exposure control is the zero point, when I move my finger to the left on the screen the exposure goes down and when moved to the right the photo becomes more exposed, becomes lighter. It works in a similar way with the other options you have, with the tint you can see the colour with which you are tinting at the top of the screen, it is a rainbow of colours starting with red over on the left-hand side, going through orange, yellow, green, blue and so on.

Convert your iPad Photo to A Poster Type Image

The third menu in the left corner gives you the options of sketch, soft focus, sharpen and reduce noise. Although when you tap on reduced noise, you will see that to use that you need to purchase the Adobe camera pack, as an in app purchase. The sketch effect, what that basically does, is to posterise your photo, reducing the number of colours used in the image.

Andy Wahol Looks A Scream – Hang Him On Your Wall

Finally in this Adobe iPad app, we have effects and borders. When you choose affects you may choose from seven different effects, the first one is Vibrant next is Pop. When you choose pop it gives you a square with four images of your photo each with a different colour tint. How very Andy Wahol! The next effect as you might use is Vignette Blur, then you have Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow and a Soft Black & White. When you are using any of the effects, there are no controls to adjust the effect, you just have to take what you are given.

In the same menu you have borders. You can choose from a rectangle, rounded, oval, soft edge, vignette, rough edge, half tone and finally film emulsion. I quite like the soft edge border and also the film emulsion border.


Saving and Sharing Your iPad Edited Photos

When you are editing your iPad photos, at any time you can save the image for it to be moved to your Photo Roll. The share options are quite limited, you can share it with photo shop express and with Facebook, that’s it – nothing else. I tried out the share options with a share to my Facebook page and it worked without a hitch. I soon had one of my iPad photos that I had edited within Photoshop Express, available to be seen on the social network. In the bottom right corner there is a share progress button, that will show you how the upload is going and indicate when it has been successful.

Adobe Photoshop Express – Any Good For Editing Photos On The iPad?

The Adobe iPad photo editing software from Adobe that I have been testing is a good piece of software and less likely to murder your photographs than Instagram. I would recommend this photo editing software for the iPad, especially seeing as it is a free iPad photo editor and what it does it does well. If you decide to buy the Adobe camera pack you get that extra filter for reducing noise, as well as two camera timers, a self timer and an auto review. I am not so keen on the fact that the information window that comes up about the camera Pack that is available to buy doesn’t actually tell you the price. I’m not sure that I want to click on the buy button, to test it just to see what might happen. Probably you would get an option to buy or not buy, after you had looked at the price, but I am not going to take the chance. Even so adobe photoshop express photos is one of the best photo editing apps.

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