Great to have the iMac back on the desk

Is really good to have my Mac back on the desk and available for use. I was able to use it for about two weeks. The hard disk was replaced after it failed. When it first failed it wasn’t too bad because it wasn’t making any noise but when I started making funny noises I had to get the new hard disk put in there. I went to the Apple Store in Barcelona and it took a week to get the job done. During that time I was an iOS warrior. My primary computer was my 12.7 inch iPadPro and a very close secondary computer was the iPhone. I really enjoyed the reliance upon the mobile computing for the two weeks. I wrote a whole series of posts based on my experience over at NoStylus. Because I was writing a daily post on my experiences I knew that using iOS mobile computing even more than I would do otherwise. The thing I missed mostly was the DragonDictate, otherwise known as Dragon for Mac version 5. Despite missing the accuracy and speed with which I can dictate using DragonDictate I was able to do a lot of dictation using Siri. I found Siri works best when I was using a 4G connection on my devices. I got pretty good accuracy even when I was using the iPad via the hotspot from the iPhone. Later in the post I talk about the Amazon Echo.

On my return to OS X computing

Even before my vacation from OS X to the world of post PC mobile computing I had been using iOS quite a lot. Quite often I could go for a good part of the morning without having to switch on the iMac. I actually prefer to do my email triage on the iPad or iPhone. I use the application called Spark and it’s particularly easy to archive or delete emails just with a swipe. While I’m having a cup of tea and my breakfast in the morning I can quickly and easily get through my emails, Twitter and Facebook checking. Any input required is easily done using Siri dictation or a little bit of glass tapping keyboard action. Regarding the Syrian dictation, there were a couple of long blog posts of over 1000 words completely dictated using Siri dictation. As I said before, the accuracy was pretty amazing. Whether you are typing, using Siri dictation or using DragonDictate there’s going to be a round of editing after the first draft has been completed. Whichever way you look at it, dictation is the fastest way to write.

The future is in artificial intelligence

There are rumours at the moment that Siri is going to be coming to the OS X platform, probably in the announcements they make and WW DC. Having Siri as your virtual assistant is useful and interesting. It’s also interesting to have a look at other artificial intelligence systems such as the Amazon Echo and the soon to be properly released Google Home. Apple doesn’t want to be left behind and there are now rumours surfacing today about an updated Apple TV we shall give a similar facilities as you find with the Echo and with the Google Home devices. Who knows? These are only rumours and possibly only wishful thinking from the Apple fan boys, enthusiasts. The two weeks before the Apple worldwide developers conference does get kind of crazy with all of the daft rumours spread by the Apple bloggers. I prefer to wait and see what Apple gives us on the actual days of the keynote. It’s a waste of effort and time to read, discuss or give any credence whatsoever to any of these rumours.

Amazon Echo

I have recently done my first Raspberry Pi project which allowed me to set it up as a home-made Amazon Echo. There were some limitations and the main one being that you can’t have it listening all of the time as the Amazon Echo does. The other limitation is that the information is largely based in the USA as that’s where the actual device has been released. Amazon can’t be bothered to send it to other parts of the world. Because of this it’s not really worth making any comparisons between Siri and what you get with the Amazon Echo. It’ll be interesting to see how wide the spread will be for the Google Home product. The great thing about Siri is that it is available in an awful lot of countries. It is very clear with these products coming to market that artificial intelligence is the direction in which we are heading. Will be out to use our computers in the same manner as they do on Star Trek. All we’ll need to do is to talk to a computer to get it to our bidding. It’s not going to matter whether we are talking to the large mainframe computer based on the  starship  Enterprise, otherwise known as home or if we are using one of our mobile devices such as our iPhone or an iPad. The computer systems are getting far better at speech to text conversion and so therefore getting better at answering our questions and giving us intelligent answers. Will you get an Amazon Echo if they become available in your part of the world?
Raspberry Pi getting ready to be an Echo

iCloud iPad, iPhone and the Mac and the iCloud Release Date

iCloud Release Date And What It Means To iCloud iPad

On October 4th, 2011 Apple had their iPhone – Let’s Talk iPhone event. Apart from announcing the introduction of the iPhone 4S there was a lot of talk about iCloud. Apple also announced the iCloud release date which is October 12th. There is not an iCloud iPad application, at least no mention has been made of one, so far. In terms of the way that we interact with our computer, managing our data and our documents, iCloud is going to be a significant improvement in the Apple computing universe.

The Amazing iPad

Integration of everything Apple with iCloud iPad facilities

It’s not just about being able to buy something from Apple on the iTunes Store, on your iPad and have the item automatically downloaded to your other Apple devices, for instance your iPhone and your iMac computer. It’s not just the fact that when you start a project, for example within the Pages application, and that you will be able to go to your other Apple devices and continue on from wherever you got to within the project. It isn’t even the Marauders Map (Harry Potter reference) that is the application which is called Find My Friend. It isn’t the opportunity to capture a photograph, here on your iPad, and find that it is also waiting for you there on your iPhone. What is so good about it is that you always have all of your documents available to you, wherever you are, and whichever device you’re using. What makes it all so good, is the integration of the applications, your documents, availability of those documents and how it all fits in with your lifestyle.

Apple  iCloud release date

The iCloud release date is the same as IOS 5

I must admit, that I’m really looking forward to having an e-mail address that is going be free to me with iCloud. I am also looking forward to the fact, that I will be able to get away from using Google for my address book syncing and calendar syncing, as this will be part of the iCloud iPad experience. I did used to have a MobileMe account, despite the fact that some people complained about it, I found it very useful. I only stopped using it as part of an economy drive. I have attempted to use Google to do the same things as I did with MobileMe, but it was difficult to setup in the first place and I don’t think it was successful overall.

I’m looking forward to the way that iCloud will do it all for me, with iCloud iPad capabilities and the same thing happening on my iMac and iPhone. iCloud will be automatically storing my content, wherever I created it and pushing it out to my other devices. We still have to see exactly how this is all going to work, but I expect Apple to make it simple to use and simple to set up. Getting 5 GB of free storage is a good bonus which is part of iCloud. Good thing about it is that the Photo Stream, that is the capability where the photos are pushed automatically to all of your devices, is not counted as part of that 5 GB. Of course, we can expect Apple to make it easy to purchase more storage if we need it. That free storage that we get from iCloud iPad, is there to store mail, documents, account information, settings and other application data.

ICloud logo

Knowing what to do and when iCloud iPad calendar

Whenever I make a change in my calendar on the iPad I’ll build to see that change also be updated within iCal on my Mac. Also if I shared that calendar out, perhaps to my wife, then the change will also be shown in that calendar on my wife’s Apple device. That iCloud iPad and other Apple devices, service will be fairly handy if you want to let other people know what your doing, or vice versa.

Synchronisation of iCloud iPad contacts

Something else that people have been complaining about, is the contacts application, whether that be the version that is in OS X Lion all the iCloud iPad iOS 5 version. What has happened is that Apple have made attempts to make the application look nice, with the fake leather stitching images as part of the application. One or two users seem to expect that if it is on a computer then it should just look more functional. The main thing is that when we are using iCloud is that the entire address book will be synchronised, without any input on our part to all of our Apple computers, iPad included.

iCloud release date for the marauders map

In the Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter got his hands on a marauders map. This was a special map that showed where everybody was, within Hogwarts, the school. Unlike the marauders map, Find My Friends will have some privacy features. The friends that you will see on the map will have given permission for you to see where they are. This feature that is part of iCloud iPad and iPhone will be excellent if you are having a meeting of a group of people. You will be able to see each other as you make your way to the location, where you are all meeting up. I expect that this will work much better on the iPhone than on the iPad, seeing as the iPhone has the GPS. One little feature that is very useful, is the fact that Find My Friends also works in conjunction with contacts and maps.

IPhone icons

Getting ready for some fun on iCloud release date

Sharing your location with a bunch of your friends, can be set up so that it is a temporary share. You can have it so that you are shared for one day or for a weekend. This would be very handy, if you are at an amusement park, where a group of people is quite likely to split up and want to be able to get back together again, perhaps to have lunch. I am looking forward to seeing this in use on iCloud release date 12th of October. I think that there will be many people using the services, that are part of the iCloud iPad and iPhone capabilities and having a lot of fun while doing so.

Splashing in the photo stream and iCloud – a release date

There will be a special Photo Stream album, that will hold the last 1000 photographs that you have taken. You won’t be able to edit or delete any photos from the photo stream, what you will do is to save a photo that you want to work with or keep permanently, into your Camera Roll. iCloud will be storing those photos for up to thirty days, and that should be plenty of time for you to connect your iPad with camera or iPhone, to your main computer.

We will be able to turn on Photo Stream within iPhoto or Aperture, what this will do is to keep a complete set of our photographs on our Mac. This will have the effect of automatically importing every picture in the photo stream into the photo library. This is another example, of how the way we do things, are being affected, by the technology and software combination that is being provided to us by Apple. It is easy to see why this ease-of-use is appealing to many computer users, that are turning in droves to be a part of the Apple universe. iCloud download available on the iOS5 and  iCloud release date of 12th October 2011.

The Amazing iPad

Best Deal On iPad – How To Save Money On Buying Good Tech

Best deal on iPad

Whatever sort of electronic device, techno-toy, serious computer for work and iPad that you wish to buy, you’re going to be looking for the best deal that you can get. Obviously in these days of buying hardware and software online, you can do a search for the product but you’re looking to buy, so that you know where you will get the best price. To get the best deal on iPad, whichever model let you decide to buy, it is probably a good idea to have a look at a list of prices to see if there is anywhere that are selling at a bargain price. Often it can be that you have to research the prices online and then go to a store nearby, to be able to take advantage of that price.

The Amazing iPad

Where is the best deal on iPad – online stores or off-line stores

For me, the best deal on iPad, but I’ve found so far, it has been to look in the Apple Refurb store. In the refurbished store you will generally find that you can get a discount of around 14 to 16%. If you are prepared to have a slightly older model then you can get an even bigger discount of maybe up to around 24 or 25%.

Another possibility for getting the best deal on iPad is if you, or a family member or in education, either as a student or as a teacher or lecturer, then you can use the education store and get a discount for maybe around 12 to 15%. I am fortunate enough that my wife is a teacher, and my last iMac we were able to get ourselves a good discount, saving around €150. I have found out that if you are looking to get an educational discount, to have the best deal on iPad, it may not be possible. Every time I have looked for a deal for the iPad in the Education Store, there have been none available at a reduced price.

Apple iPad

Sometimes, it can be worthwhile to have a look in the Amazon store, you will see the iPad at a slight discount, compared to the price in the Apple Store. It is exactly the same product, only the prices are different, and sometimes it can be a good idea to have a look. When looking at the Amazon store for the best deal on iPad, some of the sellers that sell through Amazon, although not actually Amazon itself, can also have good iPad deals.

iPad 3 – where will be the best deal on iPad 3

It will be a case of looking in the usual places for the best deal on iPad 3, Apple Refurb store, Apple education store and Amazon, plus the Amazon sellers. What might help in getting the best deal on iPad, is to wait until the latest version of the iPad becomes available, and get one of the older models at a substantially reduced price. Whether you are buying the new iPad 3 or buying one of the older models, if one of the older versions suits you best, it is certainly a good time to buy when there is a version change.

When you are buying the iPad 3, and it is newly to the market, then you are getting a model that will not need to be upgraded, in fact it is unable to be upgraded, for quite some time. The usual cycle for the upgrades from Apple, of the iPad is round about one year. Plan your purchases and have the money saved up ready for buying when the bargains hit the stores.

The Amazing iPad

MobileMe Transforms Into iCloud and Gets Useful For Free

First there was .Mac, that transformed into Mobileme and that will be coming out as iCloud in the autumn of 2011. According to Steve jobs Mobileme was not their finest hour, but iCloud really does look like it’s going to be really very useful for all Apple users.

iCloud is going to be the way effortless in the way it works, automatic and with no effort on our part. iCloud is already integrated into your Apple applications such as Keynote and Pages and it will allow you to access your content on all of your devices, best of all it will be free with iOS 5.

ICloud documents

Better than DropBox

The Amazing iPad
We already use Dropbox, at least most of us do anyway. And that is kind of like a hard drive in the sky, it is envisioned that iCloud will be more than that because it will do more things automatically. Every time you create content on any of your devices including your Mac computers, the content will be pushed to iCloud and then pushed down to your other iCloud connected devices.


MobileMe was Pretty Good

I did try Mobileme for one year in the paid version and I really was very happy with the way it was so easy to connect with another devices. To login to Mobileme and to have all of my contacts, bookmarks and calendar events suddenly available on the new device was brilliant. Obviously, what is going to be better with iCloud is that it is going to be free. With iCloud we will still get instant access to our applications, like our photographs and our music. And just the same as before, the e-mails contacts and calendars will be up-to-date over all of our Apple devices.



5GB of Storage Free with iCloud

For free with iCloud we get 5 GB of storage and that is going to be a lot of storage space for most people because iCloud stores our content in a very economic way. The 5 GB will not include the purchased music, applications, books. The photos in the Photo Stream will also not be counted in the free amount of storage.

Will We ever Get a Scrivener for iPad

The iCloud features are already available within Pages and Keynote and other Apple applications, but Apple have made the code available to third party developers so that we will also be able to have our documents from those apps transferred into iCloud and then also into our other Apple devices. As a Scrivener for the Mac user I will be disappointed that it is unlikely that we will get a Scrivener for iPad application, even though it is possible to have our data from Scrivener sync to a folder and used via Dropbox on the iPad. It is also possible to sync Scrivener on the Mac so that we can use the text within Simplenote on the iPad and continue our writing work, but it would be useful to have a Scrivener for iPad application.

Even if we don’t get Scrivener for iPad, I’m sure that many other third party developers will use the tools to make their applications work with iCloud. It will be possible to paint something in ArtStudio and have that also available on the iPhone and we will be able to create reminders and also have all that informationon all of our other Apple devices.

Apple  iCloud


The iPhone is the Most Popular Camera on Flickr

According to the numbers from the Photo website Flickr one of the most popular cameras is the iPhone and the iPad will also starts being very popular camera there too. The reason for this is because the best camera we have is the one that we have with us at the time. So when we take a photograph now on iOS devices, that photo will be uploaded or synced with the iCloud and then pushed to all our other iOS devices that has Photo Stream which is part of iCloud. iCloud will automatically send a copy of any photos as we take then over any available Wi-Fi network and it will do up to 1000 photos. Those photos are stored on the Photo Stream for 30 days, and we have enough time to be able to move photos that we want to keep to the camera roll on iOS device or to another album on our Macs.


Photo Stream – A Rolling Collection of 1000 Photos

The Photo Stream is like a rolling collection of our last 1000 photographs and all new photographs will appear on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can save your best photos easily if you just move into a photo album.


If you have an Apple TV you are also going to be able to view your new photos on your high-definition television in a special photo frame album that will allow you to see photos that are stored in iCloud.

The Amazing iPad

Some interesting new things coming in iOS 5 and iCloud

There is quite a lot of talk around at the moment about iOS 5 and this is because for $99 you can get a developer account with Apple and you get full access to the preview of IOS 5. Not all of us though are willing to spend the $99 to become a developer or a let’s have a look developer and we would like to know what other things are going to be available in iOS which is due to come out in autumn.

Let’s have a look at some of the not so well known features that are coming, that will make the Apple mobile devices even better to use in our daily lives. Will we have to learn how to use the iPad
The Amazing iPad

Custom vibration patterns

Custom vibration patterns is one of the options that is part of the accessibility which is added in iOS 5 for people that might be able to hear too well, so they can feel the vibration tone instead. It seems that you will be able to assign a custom vibration notification pattern to a specific contact. Apple are very good in their desire to offer accessibility options and some of the features that are available within that package, are good and useful for fully sighted people who have no hearing problems to deal with.

Custom Text Shortcuts

There are a number of things coming into iOS 5 which have been available in other applications already. One such feature coming soon in iOS 5 is the shortcut for phrases that you use often. You can for instance type in ddate instead of the word date, so that is differentiated and it will fill in a whole amount of text such as the whole complete date including the time. At least that is how the snippets work in TextExpander.

You could have a shortcut such as omg for ‘Oh my God’ which could be entered into a text message with just those three letters. I will be continuing to use TextExpander seeing as I have the application for both my iPad and also for my iPhone.

A good Feature for photographers

A lot of people will be very happy to be able to use the button on the side of the iPhone as a shutter trigger for the camera but you can also use the button on the headset microphone to take a picture. With this facility of using the headset switch that is on the microphone you should be able to make photographs that do not have any motion blur that you get sometimes by tapping directly onto the camera.

The New Notifications Method of iOS 5

Another feature that many users are looking forward to is the notifications feature. The notifications will appear on the lock screen and you can swipe them to unlock the iPhone or iPod and go to the application that gave the notification directly. That could save quite a lot of time and annoyance with the notifications as presented on iOS 5.

Hopefully there will be choices about which notifications arrive on the screen. I am seeing in the pictures that people are showing, views of a stocks notification which is only of any use if you’re interested in seeing what is happening to the stock market, and I am not. Same with the weather notifications, I prefer to just look out of the window to see what the weather is doing.

Twitter Integrated into iOS 5

Twitter has already entered mainstream and it now it seems that it will be integrated as part of iOS 5. It could have been good if Facebook were to be integrated into iOS 5 also, but it seems that Apple and Facebook were unable to make a deal that suited both parties.

The news from WWDC 2011 was wide and all encompassing with the iCloud and iOS 5 as well as the incoming OSX Lion. It is an exciting time to be a Mac user.

The Amazing iPad

News From WWDC – iCloud and iOS5 Improvements On The Way.

Overview titleIOS 5 will be bringing a minimum of 200 new features to the amazing iPad and it look rather exciting. There is the **Notification Centre, iMessage NewsStand, Twitter and tabbed browsing in Safari and the experience is all part of a complete experience as Apple sees it glued together with a big helping of iCloud.

Notification Centre

It will be handy to have all the notifications in one place on the amazing iPad. Swiping down from the top of the screen to get to the Notification Centre. From there we can choose which we want to have a look at. Any breaking news from your online social life will be visible.
The Amazing iPad


I wonder if this is an update on iChat which I have never really got into as it didn’t include any of the messaging services that I used. This could be interesting but I will have to see how it is in actual use. Supposed to be able to push out unlimited text messages either over wifi of over 3G. Not just text either as photos, location information, contacts and even video can be be put in the messages.


The moving of magazines and newspapers to digital. It is already heading in that direction with magazines like Wired and The Daily. This puts it in a separate application, taking it out of the iBooks App. Similar look about it but with magazines and newspapers. Apple are getting more in the act with being a news paper seller. Personally I get enough to read and to look at online and I doubt if I will be getting any subscriptions.


This is a To-Do application and there are plenty of those around already. This does work with iCal and iCloud so I wonder if that will make it more useful to work for us as users.


Integrated Twitter

A systemwide integration of tweeting for your iOS device will allow us to send out tweets from all sorts of applications. No problem if we want to add a location to the tweet. It will be handy to have Twitter names of friends in Contacts and it is as easy as pie to tweet a photo. Will I want to tell people exactly where I am from the Maps application – It is possible I suppose.

Safari Enhancements Coming too

Reading list looks interesting, with saving pages to be read later. It brings in the text without the adverts and other bits and pieces on the page. With iCloud it will all be updated on my other devices too.

The Amazing iPad Untethered

Up until iOS 5 it has been necessary to have another computer to get the best form your iPad. Not anymore! Setting up of the iPad can be done over wifi, including iOS updates. Backing up and restoration of the amazing iPad can be done using iCloud.

Other improvements Coming with iOS 5

Mail and the Calendar applications are getting the benefit of the iCloud. Good job too – Mail and iCal were both in dire need of some updating. There will be more multitasking gestures to allow shortcuts and navigation, such a giving a pinch to get back to the home screen. That should save the wear and tear on the home button.

iCloud is the glue that binds it all together

This will be dealt with in a separate blog post – It is 5GB of storage for free. I still have to find out what else is still going to be available from the old Mobile Me service in iCloud. It is not going to be available until Autumn. It does look interesting though. You do get a free email account and contacts and calendar will work in the way that I found very handy when I had a mobile me account. I am tempted to try out the beta that will be available to developers.
The Amazing iPad

it is an F.C. Barcelona Day Today

FC BarcelonaNo time for the iPad today due to work and then when I got home it was time to finish up the day by celebrating the win by Football Club Barcelona in the Champions League. We beat Manchester United 3 – 1.

When I was a kid I was a Birmingham City supporter, seeing as they got relegated from the Premiership this season I am pleased that I am a Barcelona supporter since I moved to Catalonia.

There is a football application for iOS called iFooty. Mainly it gives information about whats happening in the football leagues. I can get in there and see the news from the games on that day. There is also transfer information. A good little application. I must have a look to see if there are others I can check out.

It is possible to be a supporter of a football team and be a geek at the same time? Is it permitted? Is it legal?

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iPads for interactive Sales Information – Apple Stores 10th Anniversary

NewImageWhen everyone in the rumour mongering mill of the internet were convinced that for the 10th Anniversary of the Apple Retail shops there would be a new piece of hardware unveiled in the Apple iPad Store. They got it wrong by expecting too much. The Apple Stores in Australia have opened and it seems that all that is different is the use of the ipad2 instead of the paper prices that would be beside the products on the benches. You will be able to see Apple iPads for sale and use the iPad 2 Apple Store displays to get more information.

What they have now is an interactive application that just gives product information. The employees are also wearing party hats to help say happy birthday to the Apple Store concept. Not too big a change really, certainly nothing earth shattering in scope. But this is early news from the first stores to open with the new and of course that has to be with the places on Earth that have Sunday before anyone else. There are some advantages to being Antipodean for getting the Apple iPad information first. The first places to have the Apple iPad for Sale.

Also today there is a prompt to download the official Apple Store application when you visit the Apple Store online. I can’t confirm that because here in Spain it is not the case yet. Maybe it will happen later today. Unless you have to visit it using the iPhone or Apple iPad 2011. I will have to give that a try and see what happens.

Aside – the stunning HTML5 Magazine for iPad

Magazines for iPad or News on iPad


I decided to have a look at the subject of Magazines on the iPad because of getting an email which told me about Aside. The email came in from and the headline is all about HTML 5. They have built this magazine for reading on the iPad using the new flavour of html that will take over all new web pages in time. I am impressed by this html5 iPad magazine.

All you have to do to get the magazine on the iPad is to go to the web page in Safari and there is a pointer on the page to tell you which button to press in Safari to add the Magazine to the home screen of the iPad. I didn’t know you could do that and it works great. I did as I was told and not I have an icon for Aside that I can click on to open the Magazine direct.

When you open Aside Magazine it looks like another application. It is not like viewing a web page in the browser and it looks very tasty. What is comes down to is design and looking good, photos and text combined is a very specific way. None of this re flowing of text to suit different sizes of page. This is Desktop Publishing proper, a designer has decided the look and feel of a page as would happen with a magazine on a news stand. The only thing different in this concept is that each page has to have two designs so that the portrait and landscape modes are taken care of.

WOW! I am so impressed!

I just opened it to confirm the previous paragraph and yes that is the case with the portrait and landscape. What just impressed me with Aside html5 though was a page that has four photos on it. When you touch one of the photos it zooms itself into the foreground and looks incredible. I did it by accident first but there is a bit of text to say ‘Tap to Enlarge’. I just love it.


Double WOW!

It gets even better. On the next page there is a 3D ugly looking squirrel that actually can be rotated, that is spun in 3D space by sliding my finger on the screen. It is fantastic, this interactivity which I wasn’t expecting to find at all. I though there would be multi media in there such as a bit of audio or a tap to play a movie but this is certainly new and cool.

Navigating Pages in Aside Magazine

To move from page to page it is the usual swipe from left to right and then if the page is longer, such as the page with a short story, you can swipe from bottom to top to have the page scroll. There is an image in the bottom left corner of a page curl. Tapping on that brings up a table of contents on the left side of the screen. There is an small image and a wee bit of text for each page.

Tap to go to the page. You do have to wait just a short while when the page loads, depends on the speed of your internet how quick it is. Once it has been loaded then the next time you go to the page it is there waiting for you. You close the app and it is gone requiring a reload, so you would want to do this over Wifi and not over 3G. Even if they have optimised the graphics for iPad and by using HTML5 kept it all a manageable size in megabytes.

Magazine Has Hot Links

The magazine has hot links to take you to other pages, there are similar small buttons that will link you to a web page outside of the magazine and buttons you can press to change a picture in some places on the page. It also changes the text beside the picture to suit the image too. Aside  html5 also has a page with music that you can play, iPad audio, with a button to start and stop the sounds. It doesn’t do pause though on this one, it is probably possible though.

There is a Blending the Bunny page with a movie which started playing and then stopped to do the reloading. Only took a short time, less than a minute to load and played beautifully. Even possible to go full screen with it. Looks brilliant with HTML5 iPad being used.



When I started to write this I thought I would have to write in here about other magazines that you can get on the iPad like Wired and newspapers like the New York Times and Zinio which is a free proper application that sells the electronic versions of the magazines that you can buy from the news shops in the high street. I didn’t realise how awesome Aside HTML5 Magazine was going to be with its use of the new web language. I now want to go and learn HTML5 now for myself and create something like this. I am that impressed and this is going to be brilliant for authors and writers.

Schools Are Getting The Ipad As The Perfect Tool For All Ages Of Student

Literacy levels in some areas of the country are not at the level that they should be, teachers have difficulties with un motivated kids in some places. Whatever the reasons, parents that could care less, financial inequalities of a neighbourhood leading parents to not have the time they would like to devote to the children. A literary level that is at 60% when it should be higher than 90%, lagging behind due to social problems and a no investment in a district.

At least now there are some individuals, maybe local politicians that want to change things and have seen that kids will want to improve, when technology is there for them. It is not difficult to see how the faces and minds of children light up when they have the possibilities that they iPad puts in front of them, especially in comparison to normal school work. Adults get just as amazed and impressed with picking up an iPad and seeing how it can be used for learning, working and for creativity. Adults are passing on their amazement at the capabilities of the new technology to the kindergarten classes and also to the teachers.

One child in a classroom was having difficulty with learning the alphabet letters. An iPad was handed to him with an app that was specifically for learning sounds and letters. Within days the lad had learned at least 12 of the letters of the alphabet and not long after knew all of the letters. The boy could return to the classroom having caught up with the rest of the class and do the level of class there rest were doing.

Already some middle schools have been handing out laptops to pupils in schools. Especially the boys that were previously not too interested in school work became engaged in learning. A complete revelation for teachers too, to see that the child that was having problems being turned around by using a tool like the iPad. Lazy children can’t come up with the phrase “I’m bored” when really they were just being lazy and uninterested in school work.

The Apple iPad is the first to the market with a good usable tablet computer and they have learned quickly also of how the iPad can be used. Apple will loan out iPads for the parents, teachers and school committee members to look at play with. Using a finger to make things happen on a tablet computer, doesn’t take too much working out and the most anti or unwilling people with regards to computer use, come around easily.

A game changer is how the iPad has been described, and that is true. Some children would not get the chance to use an iPad and for those that do get the chance to use one in school do better that they would have done. Not just for the pupils that are struggling but accelerated learning too for the the whole student population. It is a sight to behold, a group of six year olds enjoying the things that you can do with an iPad and still be learning at the same time.

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