Great to have the iMac back on the desk

Love the Big Screen of the iMac Is really good to have my Mac back on the desk and available for use. I was able to use it for about two weeks. The hard disk was replaced after it failed. When it first failed it wasn’t too bad because it wasn’t making any noise but […]

iCloud iPad, iPhone and the Mac and the iCloud Release Date

iCloud Release Date And What It Means To iCloud iPad On October 4th, 2011 Apple had their iPhone – Let’s Talk iPhone event. Apart from announcing the introduction of the iPhone 4S there was a lot of talk about iCloud. Apple also announced the iCloud release date which is October 12th. There is not an […]

Best Deal On iPad – How To Save Money On Buying Good Tech

Best deal on iPad Whatever sort of electronic device, techno-toy, serious computer for work and iPad that you wish to buy, you’re going to be looking for the best deal that you can get. Obviously in these days of buying hardware and software online, you can do a search for the product but you’re looking […]

MobileMe Transforms Into iCloud and Gets Useful For Free

First there was .Mac, that transformed into Mobileme and that will be coming out as iCloud in the autumn of 2011. According to Steve jobs Mobileme was not their finest hour, but iCloud really does look like it’s going to be really very useful for all Apple users. iCloud is going to be the way […]

Some interesting new things coming in iOS 5 and iCloud

There is quite a lot of talk around at the moment about iOS 5 and this is because for $99 you can get a developer account with Apple and you get full access to the preview of IOS 5. Not all of us though are willing to spend the $99 to become a developer or […]

News From WWDC – iCloud and iOS5 Improvements On The Way.

IOS 5 will be bringing a minimum of 200 new features to the amazing iPad and it look rather exciting. There is the **Notification Centre, iMessage NewsStand, Twitter and tabbed browsing in Safari and the experience is all part of a complete experience as Apple sees it glued together with a big helping of iCloud. […]

it is an F.C. Barcelona Day Today

No time for the iPad today due to work and then when I got home it was time to finish up the day by celebrating the win by Football Club Barcelona in the Champions League. We beat Manchester United 3 – 1. When I was a kid I was a Birmingham City supporter, seeing as […]

iPads for interactive Sales Information – Apple Stores 10th Anniversary

When everyone in the rumour mongering mill of the internet were convinced that for the 10th Anniversary of the Apple Retail shops there would be a new piece of hardware unveiled in the Apple iPad Store. They got it wrong by expecting too much. The Apple Stores in Australia have opened and it seems that […]

Aside – the stunning HTML5 Magazine for iPad

Magazines for iPad or News on iPad I decided to have a look at the subject of Magazines on the iPad because of getting an email which told me about Aside. The email came in from and the headline is all about HTML 5. They have built this magazine for reading on the iPad […]

Schools Are Getting The Ipad As The Perfect Tool For All Ages Of Student

Literacy levels in some areas of the country are not at the level that they should be, teachers have difficulties with un motivated kids in some places. Whatever the reasons, parents that could care less, financial inequalities of a neighbourhood leading parents to not have the time they would like to devote to the children. […]