iPads for interactive Sales Information – Apple Stores 10th Anniversary

NewImageWhen everyone in the rumour mongering mill of the internet were convinced that for the 10th Anniversary of the Apple Retail shops there would be a new piece of hardware unveiled in the Apple iPad Store. They got it wrong by expecting too much. The Apple Stores in Australia have opened and it seems that all that is different is the use of the ipad2 instead of the paper prices that would be beside the products on the benches. You will be able to see Apple iPads for sale and use the iPad 2 Apple Store displays to get more information.

What they have now is an interactive application that just gives product information. The employees are also wearing party hats to help say happy birthday to the Apple Store concept. Not too big a change really, certainly nothing earth shattering in scope. But this is early news from the first stores to open with the new and of course that has to be with the places on Earth that have Sunday before anyone else. There are some advantages to being Antipodean for getting the Apple iPad information first. The first places to have the Apple iPad for Sale.

Also today there is a prompt to download the official Apple Store application when you visit the Apple Store online. I can’t confirm that because here in Spain it is not the case yet. Maybe it will happen later today. Unless you have to visit it using the iPhone or Apple iPad 2011. I will have to give that a try and see what happens.