Rumpy Pumpy on the iPad – Read all about it – Playboy App comes on the iPad

Playboy Magazine1It had to happen at some point in time the porn, or relatively soft porn industry in this case, had to arrive on the iPad. You now have an iPad optimised web application from the iconic Playboy magazine. Going the route of the web app was the only avenue available to them seeing as boobies are not going to get on the iPad via the prudish App Store.

The Aside Magazine showed what can be done with HTML 5 and I suspected that this used HTML5 also. Right at the beginning of the iPad Steve Jobs was praising the Web App as a great route to getting on the iOS. I don’t expect he was thinking about how it might be used by the rumpy pumpy industry.


Show me the Money

Another benefit to Playboy magazine is that they don’t have to share any of the revenue that will come in from the subscriptions with the company from Cupertino. I expect that you will have to be at least 18 to be able to get the subscription for the magazine, unless you borrow your dad’s credit card. Beware if you do that, it could leave you with a lot of explaining to do. Your dad might have to cross his heart and hope to die, explaining to your mom that it wasn’t him that paid up for a subscription to a porn magazine.

The Playboy application is reported to have the look of a native app, but as we saw with the Aside Magazine you don’t get any offline access. There is an occasional shake when changing rotation and it has nothing to do with getting a better look at the centrefold model with no clothes on. To get around the offline access problem the only thing you can do there is to learn how to do a screen shot of your iPad screen, to be able to keep on reading on the iPad.

Poor Quality and Shoddy

The resolution of the magazine is like a scanned photograph and can look a little fuzzy in places, perhaps with hard to read text and artefacts getting in the way. So maybe they are not using the HTML5 as per the example of the Aside Magazine which I did download and thought the quality was stunning. I would have expected better from an institution like the Playboy Magazine with the resources they surely must have available. They will have to get some cash together to pay for a good HTML5, CSS, javascript programmer to improve on this poor first offering. it is all about the iPad and the quality of all iPad apps that will keep the iPad as the best way for reading and consuming content in a mobile tablet way. For a html5 iPad magazine, Playboy could do a whole lot better. All about the iPad – Quality and well presented content and that is not what happened here.

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