Mac Hard Drive Problems Sorted

Hard Drive Problems on the iMac It’s most certainly a lesson for me and it can also be a lesson for you. Drives do fail from time to time and you should always have a backup plan to avoid Mac hard drive problems. I do have a backup plan, but I didn’t follow it as […]

Starting the year with Mac 20 questions

Journalling with Day One A good way to start the year for anything is to use a new diary or journal and the app I’ve been using for the last three years is called Day One. It has a number of really good features not least the fact that is available on iOS as well […]

An SSD and the need for speed

The need for speed and SSD On account of the fact that I can’t really open up the iMac to do any work on it due to having the AppleCare set up to work for the iMac, I have had to have a look at another way of being able to use an SSD. Fortunately […]

The Joys of Being a Computer Guy Tech Head

While I am to a large extent a bit of a fan boy for the Mac and Apple products I am realistic enough to know that there will still be problems that need to be solved. It is the nature of the beast, things need to be sorted out and organised, workarounds have to be […]

The value of Applecare

When I first started buying Apple products, which was around seven years ago now with the G4 Mac Mini, I had no interest in buying AppleCare. It seemed mad to me to purchase AppleCare as the products already come with one years guarantee. I didn’t think it was necessary for Applecare protection because of the […]

Just a Mac – But – Amazing when put in the hands of creative people

More than just a sum of the parts The Mac is just a collection of computer parts, high quality computer parts but still just a computer. It is the operating system combined with the software used by amazing creative people that makes it special and notable. What do you do with your Mac that is […]

iPhone 4 Refurb – Just what I Need!

Maybe what I need is an iPhone 4 refurb This morning I had to wonder if my 3G iPhone had finally given up the ghost. It had turned off and no amount of me pressing buttons resulted in the phone turn it back on again, initially. I did eventually find the combination of button pressing […]

Apple confirms the iPad 3 release date

Apple set to have Apple iPad 3 release date – March 7th Well they don’t leave us much time to get our tickets to be able to get there for the announcement of the Apple iPad 3 release date. We have to have our suit cases and flight bags packed ready so we can fly […]

This Summer the Mac OSX Mountain Lion is Growling for Apple

Mountain Lion or Mountain Goat? Apple have declared that we are going to get an operating system update on a yearly basis, won’t that be nice? With this in mind Apple have informed us that Mountain Lion is the next big cat on the horizon, except though it is a smaller cat than the king […]

What an excellent computer from Apple – Let’s do a Mac Mini test

Time to do a Mac Mini Test When you actually look at the Mac Mini and decide to do a Mac mini test, you can’t help but be astounded by having so much goodness all fitted into such a small package. You might even decide to verbalise this, with the saying that all the best […]