What an excellent computer from Apple – Let’s do a Mac Mini test

Time to do a Mac Mini Test

When you actually look at the Mac Mini and decide to do a Mac mini test, you can’t help but be astounded by having so much goodness all fitted into such a small package. You might even decide to verbalise this, with the saying that all the best things come in small packets. No small wonder that many Apple fans look upon the Mac Mini with a certain amount of affection. I have in my house still, one of the early Mac Mini computers with the G4 processor 1.25 GHz, which was the first Mac that I ever bought and I don’t think I could ever come around to selling it. As the moment it sits under my television and use it to connect up, so that I can watch videos on the TV. When I first got it, it only had half a gigabyte of memory, but I did a Mac Mini memory upgrade to the maximum which is, for that model only 1 GB.

Mac Mini wiki to know all there is to know about the Mac Mini

There are plenty of resources online that you can use to find out more about the Mac Mini and one place to look would be the Mac Mini wiki. Just in case you don’t know, a wiki is a user generated set of webpages that are informational about whatever sort of subject you are interested in. There are wiki’s about all sorts of topics and with some of them you would perhaps need to be careful with regards believing all that you read.

What happens on the Mac Mini Test

There is the possibility that somebody with an agenda added information to the wiki that was not strictly correct. This largely does depend upon the subject matter of the wiki, I think we will be fairly safe with the online Mac Mini wiki. The users of such a site, I feel fairly sure, know their stuff well enough that they would want to make sure it was all completely correct. It is a fan boy thing!

mac mini test

The many varied uses of the Mac Mini

One of the interesting uses I have seen of the Mac Mini would be to have it as an entertainment system within a car. There are car fanatics that have taken a Mac Mini and connected it to a small screen that has been fixed into the dashboard of the car. A GPS receiver can also be connected to the Mac Mini to give the computer unit, even more functionality suited to using in a car. I did see in a Mac Mini Wiki, that somebody had installed a Mac Mini into a Mini car. How cool is that then? How about that for a Mac Mini test.