Are the Online drawing websites better than proper photo editing for Mac?

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Photo editing for Mac

Considering that I have a Fine Art degree and that I worked as an art teacher for a few years and on top of that I worked as a signwriter / graphic designer for about 12 years, it is only natural that I have an interest in all things artistic. At the time that I did my artwork I wasn’t a Mac user and the graphics application that I became expert in because I used it on a daily basis, was CorelDraw. I did used to get funny looks from the people at the printshop when I asked to give them a file that came from a PC and I have to admit that it did used to annoy me slightly. I was able to do all that I needed to do and to a high standard also, that I could not understand what all the fuss was about with regards artists needing to be using Macs. Since that time though, things have changed quite a lot, PCs have become much less secure to use, Macs have become more mainstream and of course, I am now a Mac user. Naturally when I came over to the Mac, I wanted to find ways to do photo editing for Mac. I did find that the prices charged by Adobe for their Creative Suite to be prohibitive and so I had to look for alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator. Acorn photo editing for macSo I needed to do some photo editing download of Mac applications and I tried out quite a few different Mac drawing apps. There is the Gimp application which is free, but at the time when I tried it, I didn’t like the look of the application and it seemed a bit crashy. Since then I have also tried Acorn, Picturesque and Pixelmator. I am sure that I have also tried one or two others, that at the moment I can’t remember the names of.

Online drawing pad at drawing websites

An account of the fact that my Internet connection is rather poor, to say the least, I have not really been able to make use of the drawing websites in any way, shape or form. I have tried a couple of vector drawing applications that are located online and are as such an online drawing pad for artists, but so far I have not been terribly impressed. It seems that I am kind of old school in this way, in that I prefer to have a Mac application and I am prepared to do a photo editing download to have it directly on my computer. I always thought it was a great shame that CorelDraw wouldn’t make a Mac Application and their only suggestion to users, making a request for illustration and photo editing for Mac from Corel, was to say to run a virtual machine like Parallels and run CorelDraw within Windows. I have tried using virtual machines for other applications, and to be honest I really don’t like it. I much prefer to have my Apple Mac computer unsullied by the Windows operating system.

What is the experience like on these drawing websites?

Artboard online drawing websites

There are some software companies that still have versions of their software that you can download from their website as a trial version. I like that this is still a possibility so that I can try an application without having to spend any money. The latest application that I have downloaded to give a try in this way is a Mac graphics application called Artboard. It is a vector drawing application which will also allow you to import bitmap images into it. So far I have been quite impressed with it and I might even be tempted to buy it. Look out for a full review of the application Artboard on this Mac20Q website soon.

Give the drawing websites and the online drawing pad idea a try.

Even though in this overview of this type of application, I have come down on the side of downloading applications rather than using drawing websites and that it is better to have your own Mac photo editing download of your favourite drawing applications, so that you can do proper photo editing for your Mac Mini. You may have faster Internet which could make it more viable. So by all means ignore my recommendations and search for those drawing sites, because you may find one that suits you for what it is you are trying to do and in any case you probably have faster Internet connection than I do. SO check out the drawing websites.