Filming Video And Using a Gimbal

Ordering Online Yesterday I put in an order for a DJI gimbal, the previous day they announced the new OM5. I’ve been watching a number of videos showing how to get the best use of a gimbal with various creative gimbal moves. It looks like I’ll be able to make more interesting and creative videos […]

Even Tech Heads Can Struggle With Geeky

Obsidian on the Mac

Obsidian Note Taking App I am fascinated with the various note-taking applications and I can’t resist looking at something new. I revel in the technical details and getting things to work in a geeky way. There are times though, when I feel I’ve met my match. Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying […]

Getting Myself Sorted 3

Getting Things Done – Sorted 3 I’ve been planning to make a lot more YouTube videos, but I often find that life gets in the way. It could just be that I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire and highly skilled in putting things off until tomorrow. In the past I’ve tried using Omnifocus, but I found it […]

Why You Should Not Install Beta Operating Systems

I decided to go with the Mac OS Monterey beta version of the operating system because there were a few things I want to try. Mainly I was interested in the application Shortcuts which just arrived since WWDC and is in Monterey. With the first beta I put on there, everything was working fine. I […]

Text Buddy Mac App

Text Buddy This is another utility application I recently found which does wild and wonderful things with text. It is for manipulating text with 128 mostly useful commands and not for writing code or markdown. You can either open the application and paste the text into it and press command T to bring up the […]

Great Mac Utilities

Pruning the Menu Bar on My Mac You’d think that with a 27 inch iMac I’d have plenty of space up on the menu bar. The trouble is, I have so many applications which want to put an icon up there, I’ve run out of space. Sometimes I just get a bit blind to all […]

Hook For Productivity

This morning I’ve been looking at the application Hook to get more understanding about how to use it. It works pretty good when using it with Drafts, but I can see a little bit of a problem when using it with Craft. I’ll spend a bit more time working it out and then make a video showing […]

How to Use Craft for Your Journal

Journaling with Craft App First of all I should say I am a happy user of Day One journalling software. This is the best journalling software available for the Mac and iOS. I have been using it now for more than nine years and so I know what’s required of an application for good journalling. […]

Motorcycle Trip Tracking Apps Riser versus Rever

I’m a Good And Geeky motorcyclist! It’s only natural for me to want to collect the data from my motorcycle rides. I downloaded a couple of applications which I like for tracking my fun on a motorbike. Riser and Rever are both excellent applications which have a free version and a paid version. So far […]

Affinity Designer Tutorials

Affinity Designer Tools

A Selection of Tutorials – Learn Affinity Designer Here are a series of video tutorials you can use to learn how to do things in Affinity Designer. Designer is an amazing application which benefits from not being a subscription service. Many people are changing from Adobe products to using other software because of the need […]