Learning to Code with Swift

Best Way to Use Time During Lockdown I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guy on there was talking about his application and how he got to learn to code for iOS. This was Alex Hay who is the guy responsible for Toolbox Pro. I found it amazing to find out […]

How to Track Movies, TV Shows and Books

Satisfy your desire to be a movie critic. Don’t just watch the TV Series or watch the movie, write about it and give a rating. I like to use Day One to keep my reviews privately, you could publicly comment if you like.
Which are the best apps to keep your reviews. What should you use to keep a list of movies you want to see?

iOS Update 13.3.1 – Terrible!

Apple Watch

When is an update not an Update? When things get worse instead of getting better. With iOS 13.3.1 Apple introduced behaviour making the use of the iPhone and Apple Watch worse.
Not smooth right from the first minutes of the update. Stuff was happening which shouldn’t have. It settled down by the next day but still there were changes I don’t like.

What is the Best Dictation App for iOS?

Working with the Dictation App

Good and Geeky Review of iOS Dictation App – Dictation by BlueShift. Does a pretty good job of converting your speech to text on iOS. Easy to use and does the work on device.

Easy Text Encryption Everywhere

Encrypt the text you want to send in an email or messenger app. Email is insecure and you need to take steps to protect your digital identity. Paranoia Text Encryption is so easy to use and it is available to use on all platforms including in a web browser. It also performs steganography.

Safest Messenger App – Threema

Threema Secure Message app

Threema app for secure messages with end to end encryption is the best of the bunch technically. It’s inexpensive and well worth having and using if your privacy and security are paramount.

How To Move Files With OnionShare

Onion Share

Send and Receive Files Securely.
Using OnionShare is one of the most secure ways to send and receive files. Easy to set up and use. Your recipient doesn’t need OnlyShare, only the Tor Browser.

Swiping for Typing

Writing On The iPhone By Swiping Really love the swipe keyboard we have now since iOS 13. It’s so much faster typing this way than tapping on the keyboard. Not quite as fast as dictation on my Mac, but impressive all the same. I’ve pulled into a nearby town to test the public electric car charging […]

Dragon Dictate vs Voice Control Dictation

Using Voice Control

Testing Voice Control Last night I did a test of Voice Control dictation. I’m now comparing it by doing this dictation using DragonDictate. The difference is kinda small and yet also kind of big. Voice Control dictation is fairly good in terms of accuracy, but not very good in terms of control. If I need to make […]