What’s on the Home Screen of My iPhone

What you have on the home screen of your device says a lot about how you use it. Obviously you’re going to put the most used applications on the front page. What you have on your homepage is also going to be variable according to the time of the year. At least, that is the […]

Thoughts on Big Sur and iOS 14

My views on WWDC There doesn’t seem to be any big changes with the way the system works in Big Sur. It mostly seemed to be lipstick and toenail polish on top of something already quite beautiful. The design changes seem to be heading towards similarity with iOS design. I think this is a good […]

Protect Your Data While Protesting

Good and Geeky Podcast about Privacy, Security and Anonymity It’s even more important to have good security if you’re taking part in protests for Black Lives Matter. I have seen a load of videos where the police are brutal in the US. They have forgotten there are the to Protect and serve the people. They […]

Tech Safety For Protestors

Privacy and Anonymity – Session Is Better Than Signal I’m a huge fan of privacy and security and with all things going on in the world I can see anonymity is another worthwhile goal. I like WhatsApp for the end to end encryption, but as it is owned by Facebook I wouldn’t give it my […]

What’s Blocking Privacy and Security?

The Nuts and Bolts of Taking Security Seriously So you’ve been to the website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation – EFF and you seen what you need to do. You’re going to quit using email as much as possible and choose a messaging service instead. A messaging service with end to end encryption. You will […]

Affinity Designer Text Manipulation

Working with Text in Affinity Designer Sometimes when you’re working on a design you need text to be manipulated to change the overall shape of it.  Let’s change the shape where there’s a word and you want to have a wavy line at the top of the text or the bottom of the text. One […]

Learning to Code with Swift

Best Way to Use Time During Lockdown I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guy on there was talking about his application and how he got to learn to code for iOS. This was Alex Hay who is the guy responsible for Toolbox Pro. I found it amazing to find out […]

How to Track Movies, TV Shows and Books

Satisfy your desire to be a movie critic. Don’t just watch the TV Series or watch the movie, write about it and give a rating. I like to use Day One to keep my reviews privately, you could publicly comment if you like.
Which are the best apps to keep your reviews. What should you use to keep a list of movies you want to see?

iOS Update 13.3.1 – Terrible!

Apple Watch

When is an update not an Update? When things get worse instead of getting better. With iOS 13.3.1 Apple introduced behaviour making the use of the iPhone and Apple Watch worse.
Not smooth right from the first minutes of the update. Stuff was happening which shouldn’t have. It settled down by the next day but still there were changes I don’t like.

What is the Best Dictation App for iOS?

Working with the Dictation App

Good and Geeky Review of iOS Dictation App – Dictation by BlueShift. Does a pretty good job of converting your speech to text on iOS. Easy to use and does the work on device.