Motorcycle Trip Tracking Apps Riser versus Rever

I’m a Good And Geeky motorcyclist! It’s only natural for me to want to collect the data from my motorcycle rides. I downloaded a couple of applications which I like for tracking my fun on a motorbike. Riser and Rever are both excellent applications which have a free version and a paid version. So far […]

Affinity Designer Tutorials

Affinity Designer Tools

A Selection of Tutorials – Learn Affinity Designer Here are a series of video tutorials you can use to learn how to do things in Affinity Designer. Designer is an amazing application which benefits from not being a subscription service. Many people are changing from Adobe products to using other software because of the need […]

What’s New With Good & Geeky

Good and Geeky News <h2>Using Alfred on the Mac</h2> Whenever I press Command plus the space bar on the keyboard instead of getting spotlight I get access to Alfred. With the pro version of Alfred you get more than just a spotlight replacement. So I can do fancy things like, getting a list of the […]

Stream Deck Automation

Getting Started with a Stream Deck for Productivity A Stream Deck is one of those devices I’ve wanted for quite some time, but never got round to it. It’s a set of buttons which sit on your desk allowing you to get things done faster, easier and more productively. It’s fully configurable with LCD screens […]

How To Protect Your Email Account

Hacked off with Email

How to Protect Your Online Presence There are many things you sign into online where you have to provide an email address. These places are then able to manage your account with you via that email address. We are talking about accounts where money is involved. We are also talking about accounts where personal and […]

KeySmith Mac Automation Tool


KeySmith Automation on the Mac I’m quite impressed with KeySmith <a href=””>automation</a> on the Mac. You can record a macro to do any number of things on your computer and it will play it back for you. Open applications and click on buttons. Automatically type in text and run AppleScript commands. It’s easy to use […]

Key Pairs Fun with GPG Encryption

Thunderbird Without Enigmail I have been helping somebody with <a href=””>encryption</a> and decryption using PGP. Sometimes I fail to understand why they can’t get the notion of a public and private key pair. This person has a fingerprint and ID of a key and was able to add the key but was asking me what […]

Craft Note App – Make a Wiki

Creating a Wiki Using Craft One of the good things about using Craft is that it’s available on iOS devices as well as being on the Mac. I like being able to work on the same file whatever device am using at the time. This gives it an advantage over the application <a href=””>Obsidian</a>. (Obsidian […]

Cross-Linking in Drafts for a Wiki

List of Crosslinking actions

Which is better? Drafts, Craft, Notion or Obsidian?  First in a series of posts to see which is the best option. I seem to have a bit of a thing with note taking applications. My go-to application for getting text into my system is Drafts. Recently, a couple of updates ago Drafts gave us the […]

Release Date for Big Sur Apple Operating System

Big Sur release Date

Big Sur Release – 12th November 2020 At the 2020 November event Tim Cook announced Big Sur will be available to all 12th November 2020. The new Macs with the M1 Apple Silicon chips look interesting. My iMac is still running great so there will not be a new Mac in my immediate future. I’ll […]