Shoot video on the iPhone

Looking at applications to shoot video on the iPhone The standard camera app that comes with the iPhone 6 is pretty good for shooting videoas you have options to do straightforward video either at 30 frames per second or at 60 frames a second. You have to go into the system settings for the camera […]

iPhone 6 shooting video in Ireland

Shooting video with an iPhone The joys of travelling light with just iOS devices even when you want to shoot video. Last week I went on a trip to Ireland for four days and I took my Sony NEX 6 with me and you know what, I didn’t use it. I shot quite a few […]

Multi camera Video shooting

Shoot with more cameras I was listening to a podcast, the Mac Power Users Podcast and they had a guy on there, Wally Cherwinski who was talking about using multiple cameras for a video shoot. I do have a number of cameras that I could put to a task like this and so I was […]

Camera Stabilisation – Two ends of the Spectrum

Cheap Steady Cam In the spirit of frugal filmmaking I did have a go at making myself a small steady cam type of device. I followed instructions that I found on a frugal filmmakers website and I have to say that I’m not quickly good at this sort of home-made device. My engineering skills are […]

AVCHD video editing in Final Cut Pro

Getting video out of the NEX-6 to work with in Final Cut Pro X To a large extent it was much easier to work with the video clips taken with the Canon 600D as they were discrete files that could be identified, copied or moved and worked with immediately in Final Cut Pro X. Things […]

Homemade Camera Dolly Slider

A slider or camera dolly Using pieces of plastic tubing I made myself a cheap camera dolly which is suitable for rolling along a table or other flat surface. Sometimes though it can be a little difficult to find a handy flat surface to be able to run the camera dolly along in order to […]

Green Screen Studio

Chromakey with Final Cut Pro I am fortunate to have a nice handy space in my house where I can have a green screen studio set up permanently. I bought a green screen cloth which was large enough for me to be able to cut in size and the other part of it I gave […]

Keywords In Final Cut Pro 10

When you are working with a large number of video clips that you are going to be using within various projects you need as many ways as possible to help you organise these video clips. When you import your media, the media will be added to your event library. This is the first level of […]

How to move videos into iTunes

There are quite a lot of different movie Codecs and so it is not surprising that some people have a little bit of difficulty in getting their videos into iTunes so that they can view them. I have made a video showing how to convert files that are not supported by iTunes, so that you […]

Add a caption track to Youtube video

We all want to get more viewers for our videos and one of the ways that you can do something to help your videos be found within YouTube, is to add a caption track. You will have already chosen a good title and added a good description to help the search engines find your videos. […]