Desperately Disappointing Apple event

I was sat on my sofa with a cup of tea in my hand and a piece of cake, looking forward to the Apple event for autumn 2016. I never believe any of the rumours flying around in the months prior to one of these events. It’s preferable to wait until the actual announcement is […]

Customising Your Mac Using SuperTab App

Let’s get into using SuperTab We all want to have our computer setup just the way we like it. I doubt if there are many amongst us who like to use a vanilla computer as soon as it comes out of the wrapper. There are certain applications which we have to install to make a […]

Writing with the DragonDictate application V6.0.1

Training your DragonDictate

DragonDictate on the Mac Update- End of 2019 It’s three years since Nuance brought out their newest version of the software. It’s one year since they discontinued DragonDictate on the Mac. The only way you can use DragonDictate now on the Mac is to use the old version. DragonDictate version 6.0.6 is working fine with […]

The joy of using Siri on Mac to do stuff

When I saw that the GM version of the beta was available I decided to take the plunge. There’s not much loss in terms of time to install the operating system on the top of what was already there. If I decide later I want to do a clean install I still have the installation […]

Do you miss your Mac sometimes?

During the summer I don’t get to spend so much time at the desk with my Mac. Summer time is working time for me to earn some money to buy more tech to play with. I’ll be working six days a week and I’ll just not have a spare moment to use my Mac and […]

Apple News is a Joke for a supposedly International company

I’ve had content from my websites being sent to Apple news using RSS for about a year now. I don’t have any information about how well the articles will been read there but I’m sure it’s got some extra eyeballs. I recently saw a update to the Apple News publishing format and I watched a […]

Ulysses WordPress Publishing on your Mac or iOS computer

Update to Ulysses writer software Ulysses WordPress Publishing on the Mac. I tried out the update on the iPad Pro first and I was pleased to see that the Ulysses WordPress Publishing works pretty good. I tried it with putting pictures into the blog post and the picture didn’t get uploaded with the post. I […]

Great Mac Apps to use alongside great iOS Apps

Great Mac Apps and Taking a Break by Using iOS I spent two weeks without my Mac a few months back and it got me using my iPad Pro and iPhone for more things. There are great Mac apps to use, but sometimes you just want to choose the great iOS apps instead. If I […]

Learning Swift coding on iOS and Xcode

Using Xcode

Using Xcode and Learning Swift coding In the past I’ve bought books and courses to learn how to code for iOS and for the Mac. I wasn’t terribly successful and I really couldn’t get my head around using Objective-C. So when Apple announced the Swift programming language and showed how much easier it would be […]

Buying iMac or a MacBook

Wizardgold Mac OS news The other day I was thinking that I would round up as much money as I possibly could and by myself a new iMac. Regards buying iMac, the one I have is mostly working pretty good and not giving me too much trouble. There were some weird happenings and in the […]