iPhone 4 Refurb – Just what I Need!

Maybe what I need is an iPhone 4 refurb

This morning I had to wonder if my 3G iPhone had finally given up the ghost. It had turned off and no amount of me pressing buttons resulted in the phone turn it back on again, initially. I did eventually find the combination of button pressing that brought it back from the grave. I think what I need is a new iPhone and maybe even a little bit of iPhone 4 voice control. Earlier when I had the problem when even iTunes doesn’t recognise iPhone, I thought I had the perfect reason, excuse for getting a new iPhone.

IPhone 4 refurb

Apple iPhone accessories for iPhone 4 refurb

The shape of the iPhone 4 is completely different from the iPhone 3G that I have now, so I would need new Apple iPhone accessories. I do have a handy little base for my iPhone, which without batteries amplifies the sound from the speakers. That wouldn’t work with a new refurb iPhone 4. I would have to find some other way of giving the volume a boost. You would be surprised how well that battery less base works, especially good when I’m in the shower. I can listen to some Mac podcasts and the Mac podcaster is spouting all that hot air coming from the rumour mongering.

Easier to transfer pictures from iPhone

With the iPhone 3G that I have now the latest version of the iOS that I can run is 4.2.1 and with that I can’t send pictures via Photo Stream. I would need at least iOS 5 to be able to transfer pictures from iPhone to my Mac and my iPad. I am often using my iPad to make pictures, always screenshots as the iPad I have doesn’t have a camera. The speed with which the pictures get transferred from the iPad to my iMac is phenomenal. ICloud and the photo stream is a super innovation and I would like to have more of it.

Looking at the Apple website for a refurbished iPhone 4

I checked out the Spanish Apple website to see if they were ready refurbished models of the iPhone 4, but no luck. I suppose I should keep looking. It would be possible for me to get the iPhone 3G S for the princely sum of €349. My mother has just bought one of these phones on the three network in England and is very happy with it. At least she was able to get it with a deal that is only costing her £20 a month. There are no such deals available here with the Spanish telephone networks. In any case I use the phone for making phone calls so rarely that I would probably be better off to buy a phone outright and unlocked.

An iPhone 4 voice control model or just an iPod

On the other hand, what I could do is to get an iPad Touch which will run IOS 5 and carry around a cheap non-smart phone for the rare phone calls. I would still have the benefits of iMessage while I am in Wi-Fi areas. The only problem with this plan of action would be the cost of a 32 GB iPod Touch. The cost of it would be sufficient that I would probably be better off to get more money together and get an iPhone.

Or should I just update my iPad

I really do need a new generation three iPad and I would prefer to have one of those than the iPhone. It really does come down to the fact that I make very few phone calls and hardly ever send a text message. I could be very happy with a cheap feature phone and to carry an iPad 3 along with my MiFi. Better still would be to get the iPad with mobile connectivity built in, but then that is more money.

So will the solution be an iPhone 4 refurbished?

I think for the moment I will continue to keep breathing life into the present iPhone 3G that I have. I will put money aside for the purchase of new Apple hardware and make a decision about what that will be exactly at a later date. Maybe I will get lucky and see an iPhone 4 refurb on the Apple website store. I suppose there is always the possibility of second-hand, but I would really only preferred to buy somebody I knew had looked after their device really well.

4 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Refurb – Just what I Need!

  1. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good says:

    This was a very informative post. I am not a Mac person, although my brother-in-law is, and even works in an Apple Store in Albuquerque. I don’t even own a “real” cell phone, just a tracfone, so I’m sooo out of the loop. Here’s hoping your iPhone 3G keeps on going a bit longer for you. (from Blogathon)

  2. Paul Holtman says:

    Buying iphone 4 refurb is a nice idea? I dont go much on refurb and prefer brand new.

  3. Do you think buying a refurbing iphone is great? I mean, won’t it give you a problem later on?

  4. David Allen says:

    It is better than one out of the factory as it has had direct extra attention to check it out before it goes out. It might not have have a problem in the first place. You don’t know why it has been refurbed, it is just that Apple can’t sell as a new one.

    A refurb can be the best purchase you can make in terms of quality.

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