Apple Applications Free and in App Purchases

Choosing Apple applications to make your Mac more useful

One of the things that is really good about buying a new Mac, especially if you have just switched to the Mac, is the included software that comes with it. You will have just about everything you need to get started doing what you need to do as a basic MacUser. This is a big difference from the software that comes with a new PC, which can only be described as crap ware. The next stage for a new user of a Mac is to check out the free applications. There are hundreds of Mac applications free to get from various websites around the Internet. I would suggest that you should use recommendations to help you decide which you should buy. It always pays to be careful in this area of malware for Mac with regards to where you download your free applications for Mac.

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Get productive with your free Apple applications

First place to look for free Apple applications will believe the Mac App Store. You know that she will get good quality applications and there is a surprising number of free applications for Mac. You will find graphics applications and photo editing applications, so you can get stuck into some creative work fairly quickly with your new Mac. Maybe what you are looking for are some calendar applications and again you will have no shortage of Mac applications free to use and abuse.

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Apple applications for Mac with in app purchasing

We have seen in Apple purchasing available on iOS applications for sometime now. This practice of developers releasing free applications that do one or two things of all that they are capable of, then asking for more money to extend the functionality, is on the rise. Developers do need to get paid for their work and also they need to find ways to get people to download and try the app in the first place. The other possibility would be to have advert supported applications and you will find one or two of those in the Mac App Store.

Looking for free photo editing applications? Try iMage Tools

It really depends upon the Apple applications and what you expect from it, as to whether you are going to be happy to download an application that then requires you to spend money to make it useful. I have recently tried application which is one of the photo editing applications in the Mac App Store that had in app purchasing. The application is called Image Tools. It is a simple application that will do certain simple processes on your images and with the free version you can add a text watermark, you can use it for resizing an image or you can rename an image.

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You can get more functions by tapping on the icon with the shopping cart. To unlock all of the functions it costs €2.99 or you can and do them one at a time for 79 cents each. The extra items are real-time preview, image watermark, stroke, shadow, reflection and curve. If you don’t already have an application like Pixelmator or Acorn or Picturesque then this could suit you as it is quite inexpensive and it is not a bad looking application. The renaming feature is quite simple and not as extensive as the Exif Renamer. You can drag-and-drop tokens for name, number, date created or data modified and arrange them to suit how you would like your file renamed.

The watermark feature overlays the text that you want to put in there, you can choose the amount of opacity and the position of the watermark. The watermark that you get is nothing fancy and I think I would rather use Pixelmator for the job. They resize feature gives you either fixed width or fixed height and you also have a percentage resize or fit to rectangle. I might use this application to resize image if I was using it for something else, but I already have an application called Resize It. That application since in my dock and it is an easy drag-and-drop to start the process working. The application Image Tools does have some simple but useful capabilities and you can use it for either free or pay between 79 cents and €2.99. Only you will know whether this inexpensive tool will fit in with your workflow. So go and check out some free Apple Applications in the Mac App Store.