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Goodreader App – Goodreader for iPad

I have a nephew that has a new job, working for a bank, but we will not hold that against him. He asked me for recommendations of applications that will allow him to work with PDF files that he has to study. He needs to be reading PDFs on iPad. He doesn’t yet have an Apple desktop or notebook computer, but I suspect that is just a matter of time. Only the best is good enough for bankers! I did suggest that he might try using GoodReader, but I also suggested that he look at PDF Pen from Smile Software. I also suggested one other that I can’t remember the name of presently. I would have to look in the Facebook conversation to find out what that was to view PDF on iPad.

Goodreader for iPad

Working with an iPad PDF reader

I have Good Reader on my iPad and a number of PDF documents to try working with. It does take a little getting used to the interface, particularly in terms of knowing where to tap to specify the tool that I want to work with. It did not take too long though before I was able to add rectangles and ovals or circles on top of the PDF text. Then when you have a rectangle on your page, or other object you can still make changes to that item.

You tap and hold down within the rectangle to see a pop-up menu that has a variety of options. From this menu I can alter the thickness of the line from 0.5 point up to 9 point. I can also change the style of the line to something that is called cloudy. With this pop up menu you can also change the colour of the line, there are four quick options and if you tap on Other you get a dialogue to a colour chooser for an infinite number of colours.

From the same menu you can choose Open which brings up a note dialogue box. You can write your note within this area and save it, so that you know why you put a rectangle or oval around an area in your PDF. You can also change the opacity of the rectangle in 25% increments. Use GoodReader app as an iPads in Education app.

Goodreader app – A variety of tools for working with PDF iPad documents

By tapping inside the middle area of the screen you get another menu which allows you to get to the main menu, add bookmarks, select all the text on that page, add a floating note or select one of six tools for marking your PDF document. It is with these six tools that you can add typed text notes that sit on top of the page as well as lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals and a free-form line. I think that gives you just about all that you need for highlighting and making notes, but don’t forget that when you go to the main menu you also get other useful tools.

It goes without saying that you will need to use tools for highlighting, underlining with either straight or wavy lines or be able to put a line through text. When you are working with one of those tools, you see immediately the highlighting being applied to the text. It gives a menu at the top of the screen, which indicates the tool that you are using. In this menu you can change the colour, you can cancel or undo your highlighting and click on save when done. The other two icons in the top right-hand corner give you a way to move from page to page, on account of when you touch the screen while using one of these tools, all it will do is to highlight text. If you touch on the screen where there is no text you get a feedback message to tell you just that.

Annotate pdf ipad

Signing PDF documents on your iPad

Quite often we are sent PDF documents that we have to fill in some information and also we have to sign at the bottom. With all of the tools available you can easily fill in the information. When you need to sign the document, then you can write your signature either with your finger or with a stylus. It will then be ready to send back to whoever asked you to fill in the form. So much easier than having to print out, fill-in using an analog pen, then scan to turn it back into a digital document ready for sending by email.

Overview of GoodReader for working with iPad PDF documents

Although I don’t tend to need to work with PDF documents in this way very often, I am very pleased to have the GoodReader app on my iPad. GoodReader for the iPad is an incredible tool that is well worth the small cost to buy it. With regards PDF in iPad, I can honestly say that I have underestimated and underused the usefulness of this application. After studying and working with this excellent PDF reader for iPad today, I can promise you that I will certainly get more use of out of it in the future.

Goodreader appcopy pdf to iPad and annotate PDF ipad.