Mac20Q news – Podcast interview, Mou and Pinterest

Appearing on a Podcast – Not another Mac Podcast

After I complained in a video I posted on YouTube, about the hot air that was coming out of some the main best known Mac podcasts, I was asked to defend what I had to say in person. I thought I might have a bit of a tough grilling to look forward to if I went on, but I thought, What the hell? Why not, let’s do a podcast interview. Mark from the Not Another Mac Podcast and who also tweets as EveryDay Mac Support sent me the invitation and I honestly had a great time talking to the guy, who is based in Australia. Listen to the podcast.

It seems that Mark had changed his mind a little since seeing my moaning grumbling video and decided that he had also been talking too much about the rumours rather than looking at proper news. I thought that was brave of him to own up to that on the show. We all like talking about our Macs and the software and what we can do with them, but I really draw the line at the incessant spouting of crap. There are a lot of podcasters who think that they are bringing news to Mac users by talking complete rubbish concerning rumours and vapourware. Some love to talk about products that have not been announced by Apple and probably never will be. I think they are wasting their own time and the time of the listener. Maybe some people like this. I just get bored with stuff like that very quickly.

A podcast interview – Talking about doing things with the Mac

I will have to have a listen to the podcast interview again, so that I can remember exactly what we talked about. Mark had plenty to stay about what he does as a Mac user and I talked about the Mac20Q and Wizardgold brand. In fact I was asked by Mark to mention all of the places that I publish to. So I mentioned Video Magical and the Amazing iPad web site as well as the Evil Photography websites.

Mark was telling me about all that he is doing with writing for other websites and making money doing it. I am impressed that he is doing so well with the writing. I will have to see if I can get some paid writing gigs and put together some of my writing into an ebook. I talked to Mark about my love of [dragon] of writing and how I find it so much faster than typing manually.

And now for something completely different – Mou

Mou icon

I am writing this directly into yet another text editor and I am loving it. It is called Mou and what I like most about it is that I can see in a pane to the right, a full preview of the markdown document I am working on. Although I love using Byword because of the iCloud sync so that I can work on the iPad when I am in the school, I can see me using Mou more often, because of being able to see immediately the web page ready results of my writing. It has a word counter and will also go Lion type of full screen. The text is very easy to read due to the syntax colouring of the Markdown and there are a few options of how it looks. So you could have white text on black background if you want.

You can expect to see a full review of Mou here on MAc20Q website quite soon after I have had time to get using and abusing it for a while. I am loving it so far better than NVAlt and also more than Byword. Byword does have a fatal flaw at the moment, but the developer has promised to fix it and I hope it is soon. The text goes flying off when I click on it so then I have to re scroll to find some place in the document that I already had scrolled to.

What about Pinterest?

Pinterest1Wizardgold on Pinterest