This Summer the Mac OSX Mountain Lion is Growling for Apple

Mountain Lion or Mountain Goat?

Apple have declared that we are going to get an operating system update on a yearly basis, won’t that be nice? With this in mind Apple have informed us that Mountain Lion is the next big cat on the horizon, except though it is a smaller cat than the king of the jungle and it has a preference for altitude. After looking through the details of what’s going to be in this latest version of the Mac OS X operating system, one has to wonder if there is going to be enough in it, that we will want to pay the upgrade fee. In the sneak peek that you can see in the Apple website, there is very little there which looks like it could be rightfully positioned as a full upgrade.

Mac OSX Mountain Lion Share sheetsWhen you are using iOS devices you often see an icon that looks like a square with an arrow that is pointing out of it. This icon is for doing things with whatever it is we are looking at and it can appear in all sorts of different applications. If you see it within the application Safari, then you will get options in iOS to share the page you are looking at via Twitter, e-mail or send it as a message. You could also have the opportunity to add it to a bookmarks list or to something like Read It Later. This facility will be coming to Safari and some other applications with Mac OSX Mountain Lion. Initially it is going to be in the applications from Apple such as Photo Booth, Notes, Reminders and iPhoto, but I would expect it to appear in third-party applications eventually. It would have been nice if amongst the share options there was also other popular social networking applications such as Facebook and Google plus. While it is nice that it is being built into the system to be able to share out to Twitter directly from Mac applications, quite often you will find that with a good web page there are already sharing buttons that do the same thing.

Airplay mirroring with Mountain Lion

It is already possible to do this Airplay Mirroring. If you have iOS 5 on your iPad or iPhone, it allows you to connect up to your high-definition television via the Apple TV. There are rumours going around at the moment as this article is been written, that there is a new Apple TV due out soon. What is in this new Apple TV is up for debate, one would think that’s going to be that 1080p resolution will be available, but who knows? This new Airplay Mirroring could be very useful in a classroom where you sending your screen off your Mac to the television. It could even be useful if you are sitting on your couch at home. You can send the whole desktop of your Mac using this technology or you could just be sending a presentation from Keynote or something from iMovie. Although I don’t have an Apple TV right now, I could see that it would be useful when I want to watch a movie that is on my Mac, but I would rather be sitting on the sofa with my feet up.

What is new in Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Apple  OS X Mountain Lion  Inspired by iPad Made for the Mac

What do you think? Are Apple doing the right thing with Mac OSX Mountain Lion or are they pandering to the lowest common denominator and the new users. Is this Mountain Lion upgrade going to exclude the power user that needs to get the best use from the Apple ecosystem? From what we know now about Mountain Lion and the probability that the upgrade will cost around $30, will you be upgrading on the day that Mac OSX Mountain Lion becomes available? Have your say in the comments section below.