Is Tweetbot the best Twitter app for iPad?

Best twitter app for ipad

For either iOS or for the Mac there have been a multitude of applications for Twitter created and at one point perhaps a year ago, it seems that every man and his dog thought it would be a good idea to make a new and different Twitter app. Nowadays it is not quite so bad, but there are new Twitter applications for using that social network still being created. The latest Twitter for iPad app that I have seen become available is the Twitter application from Tapbots and the only reason that I might be tempted to look at it is because of the excellent application called Pastebot, which I have on my iPad and iPhone. I also have the application on my iMac which will synchronise with those two applications. This way of moving clips from one application to another within the iOS device and also being able to have items copied on the Mac instantly appear available on iOS through wireless syncing, is incredibly useful. So because of this I’m tempted to actually buy the Tweetbot application.

best twitter app for ipad

Who needs to buy new Twitter clients?

You would have to wonder why Tapbots thought it would be a good idea to make a new Twitter application, when there are so many out there already, and some of them are available for free. In fact on my iPad I have the official Twitter application, TwitBird Pro, TweetDeck and Twitterrific and I also have Flipboard which will also allow me to look at tweets and even to write tweets. I think that some users of Twitter just like to try something out that is new and are in constant flux, changing from one Twitter application to another. In some ways it is a little bit weird, because there are only certain things you can do with your tweeting and the differences are only going to be cosmetic.

The sorts of things that you will be looking for within a twitter application will be ease of use, a good reading experience and notification system of new tweets. If you have multiple Twitter accounts then it may be important that your chosen Twitter application will let you set up more than one account. If you have a large number of followers then it also may be important for you to be able to use lists. Very handy to be able to set it so that, the flow of tweets only shows just one list at a time rather than the huge torrent of tweets from the main feed. Tweetbot could actually be the best twitter app for iPad.

Viewing direct messages in the best twitter app for iPad

Something else within a Twitter client that I like to have is the ease of viewing of direct messages. I did try one Twitter client that led me to have to click too many times to be able to see my incoming direct messages. I soon got rid of that one. Really what I should be doing is to use the same application on both the iPad and also the iPhone. Even though they won’t work exactly the same due to the different form factor, the overall way of working would be if similar enough to be useful. So when buying a Twitter application for your Macs and for your iOS devices, you should look to see if there are versions that will cover wherever and however you do your tweeting. It would be preferable also that the iOS version is a universal version that requires only one payment.

Tweetbot application

Every now and then you come across a tweet that is worth keeping for posterity and you make it a favourite. Within the Tweetbot application you can have a view of all of those favourites. Tapping on the favourited Twitter posts gives you the extra buttons that allow you to do things with that tweet. So it is the same as in your timeline, more or less, you can reply, re-tweet, delete that tweet from favourites. You can choose one of four actions, which are, copying the link, copying the tweet, e-mailing the tweet or translating.

Sorting out Your Twitter Followers

Twitter for iPad

When you are using the Tapbots Tweetbot application you can organise your Twitter followers by tapping and holding down on the avatar icon for your follower and from that you will get a pop-up menu which lets you choose from a few options. You can send a direct message to that person, you can also manage list memberships where you can decide which public lists that person belongs to. From the same drop-down menu you can also choose to mute somebody. This might be if that somebody has gone on holiday and is tweeting incessantly about how glorious the weather is and you don’t want to know. You can choose from one day, one week, one month and also forever. The muting is very useful for a temporary cessation in tweets from that person plus the menu also gives you the option to un-follow permanently. All part of organizing your Twitter community.

The Tapbots Tweetbot review

Twitter is going from strength to strength and there is more Twitter integration at OS level too. There will be even more in OSX Mountain Lion. The Twitter applications I had been using previously were more or less doing the job for me and I could have stayed with them if I had wanted to. Getting my hands on this Tweetbot application for iPad has been worth getting though, as it has reinvigorated my interest in the Twitter social network. There are still a few things I haven’t yet tried yet with this application, such as uploading pictures, but that is next on my list and also the same with uploading video. There is good integration between external services and also the capabilities of the Twitter feed service itself, so I will have to get to work on setting up the image service I intend to use with this Tweetbot application. Without a doubt and without fear of contradiction I am happy to recommend Tweetbot as a Twitter client for iOS that is well worth getting and using. It might even be the best Twitter app for iPad While you are getting that one I suggest you also look at the other applications from Tapbots.