Apple confirms the iPad 3 release date

Apple set to have Apple iPad 3 release date – March 7th

Well they don’t leave us much time to get our tickets to be able to get there for the announcement of the Apple iPad 3 release date. We have to have our suit cases and flight bags packed ready so we can fly off at a moments notice. Apple has told us that there is something that we should look at and also touch on March 7th. It is the Apple iPad 3 release date or more likely it will be the day that Apple say when the iPad 3 will be shipping. If there are no changes to the wireless devices within the Apple iPad 3 then it may be out sooner rather than later. I wonder if there will also be extra changes or other new products announced on the same day are Apple iPad 3 release date.

Apple  iPad 3 release dateApple iPad 3 release date as soon as the details are told to us. Will you be getting an Apple iPad 3 as soon as it is released? I suspect that many that are still with the Apple iPad 1 will be right there using the elbows to get to the front of the queue to get in the Apple Store and place the order.


Apple iPad 3 Release Date – March 7th

Will Tim Cook and his fellow operatives at the Apple event for the iPad 3 release, have any ‘One more thing’ items to tell us about on the day? I certainly hope that there will be some pleasant surprises with features that we didn’t expect to get being announced when we find out the actual Apple iPad 3 release date. Keep up with Mac20Q on YouTube.

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  1. Will you be hanging on every word coming from the Apple event next week. Do you expect to be buying the iPad3 as soon as it comes out?
    I would love to upgrade my iPad 1 and it really would make sense to get the new one as there are quite a few apps that can’t run on the iPad 1. Only today I saw an application called ‘Reflections’ for mirroring the iPad onto a Mac that is presently only for the iPad 2. Bloody shame I am skint right now.

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