Apple has something it wants us to see and touch – iPad 3 release date

It is reported that the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco will be the place to be on March 7th for the Apple iPad 3 launch. On the Apple iPad 3 release date of 7th March there will be a fanfare for the new Apple device that will sell in their millions and will see the Cupertino company taking the tablet world of computing by storm. Only time will tell now if the Fan boy predictions will have been correct and the Apple iPad release date will let all in on the industrial secrets that have led to so many rumours being flung around worth wild abandonment even when the iPad 2 had only just been out a short while. I am looking forward to seeing who of the iPad 3 pundits on all of the podcasts, news shows and Apple based blogs have been correct in their guesses about what to expect in the device.

Apple iPad3 release date

iPad 3 release date
For those that have not had an invite there will the live blogging and maybe even Apple will step up and offer a live blog broadcast at the same time as the iPad 3 release date is announced on the stage at the Yerba Buena Center. There has to be a new camera or two and it is a given that the processor will be updated to something that is faster and the same goes for the graphics prowess of the iPad 3. When will it hit the streets and when will we see the iPad 3 in Europe? Apple have staggered the launch across the world in the past and maybe they will do the same again, there will be huge demand for the Apple iPad 3 for sure. The iPad 3 will probably be available to purchase in the Apple Stores around the U.S. fairly quickly after the announcement has been properly made public. Hopefully there will be an Apple iPad 3 release date world wide shortly after that.

Who got the rumors right?

There is so much hot air spouted by the Apple fan rumour sites. On days when there has been little real news, the the Mac and iOS fans will start licking their lips and talking about what they expect in the new iPad. Some of the Mac podcasts go off into cerebral flights of fancy and you would have to wonder if the next iPad 3 will be constructed with the help of unicorn tears. What do you want most in an Apple iPad 3 device? Is there something that will have you running to the nearest Apple store with credit card in the hand to buy the next iteration of the best and most popular computer tablet in the world. Will you get one on the iPad 3 release date?