Amadeus Audio Software as a really good voice recording application on your Mac

I have been a fan of Amadeus Pro, the excellent sound recording application for the Mac, for some years now. I’m always happy to recommend Amadeus Audio Software to anybody looking to create podcasts. There has recently been a new version of the software created by the developer, which added a few new features including one called Smart Editing. What it is the smart editing feature does, is to take your selection and extend it slightly, so that the start and the end is exactly where the waveform crosses the zero point of the wave. By using this smart editing tool within Amadeus Pro you will always know that you are not adding clicks and taps into your sound file as you are deleting areas of audio. In the old version it was possible to do the same thing, but it needed to be done manually with a keystroke combination before you clicked on delete. It does make it so that it is quicker and easier now you don’t have to think about that.

Amadeus Audio Software

While Garageband is a good audio tool, it is more for the musician even though Apple have added tools which are podcaster oriented. As I’ve said before, what I don’t like about Garageband is the mess that it makes of the audio when you delete a clip within a track. It is very tedious and time-consuming having to close the gap afterwards. With Amadeus Pro it is super simple to do a rolling edit, so that spaces or gaps are not introduced when you are editing your audio clips. Garageband is an easy recording software, but I would suggest that you look to Amadeus Audio Software – Amadeus Pro and just download recording software which is inexpensive and very good.


In this YouTube video I show you how you can use this Amadeus Pro as a voice recording Program. It is a good idea to pay attention to the levels of the gain you apply to the recording in the Amadeus Audio Software, so that you don’t have audio which is clipped at the top of the audio wave. If you let the clipping to take place you will have horrible sounding audio, but it is very easy to set the gain so that the peaks of the audio only reach as high as about minus 6 dB. You will also have to make sure that you don’t suddenly start shouting and also that you keep the same distance from the microphone during the whole of your recording. Remember that it is a good idea to keep close to the microphone with your mouth, but don’t talk directly into the microphone or you will have the plosives that occur from the sound of your breath hitting the microphone directly. I usually work it so that I am talking over the top of the microphone or to one side and sometimes I will actually put on a pop filter to make sure that I don’t record any pop sounds. Al part of the fun when using Amadeus Audio Software.

Not many users of Amadeus Pro know that this excellent and easy recording software – audio recording software Mac application will also let you put in the meta data, including an image for the artwork for the sound file. If you know that you are going to be exporting your audio track out to put into iTunes, then it is very useful to include the meta data and also have artwork. Amadeus Pro is a full featured voice recording Program for the Mac which will allow you to do some high-quality sound recording that could be for podcasting, or it could equally be for making music. In this latest version of Amadeus Pro you can also edit a video file and see the audio for that video. You do the editing that you need to do and then it goes back into the video file without affecting the video track. You do have to be vigilant of course, if there is video of somebody talking, because if you chop out audio then it could be that the synchronisation of the voice to the lips will get messed up in later part of the video. In those situations it is better to record silence over areas that you want to delete, so that the length of the track is not changed.

4 thoughts on “Amadeus Audio Software as a really good voice recording application on your Mac

  1. Wizardgold says:

    Which audio software do you use? Have you tried Amadeus Pro yet?

  2. admin says:

    Ii have been using the Livefyre comment system but maybe this one will be better.

  3. Ken says:


    I now use Camtasia.

    So far it’s a great software, however it is not a free stuff.

    I want to compare one software to another before actually deciding on buying.

    This amadeus seems to be a good option.


    1. admin says:

      Amadeus is software for editing sound. It isn’t comparable with Camtasia which is a screen recorder. Have a look at ScreenFlow which in my view is the best screen recording app.

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