iCloud iPad, iPhone and the Mac and the iCloud Release Date

iCloud Release Date And What It Means To iCloud iPad

On October 4th, 2011 Apple had their iPhone – Let’s Talk iPhone event. Apart from announcing the introduction of the iPhone 4S there was a lot of talk about iCloud. Apple also announced the iCloud release date which is October 12th. There is not an iCloud iPad application, at least no mention has been made of one, so far. In terms of the way that we interact with our computer, managing our data and our documents, iCloud is going to be a significant improvement in the Apple computing universe.

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Integration of everything Apple with iCloud iPad facilities

It’s not just about being able to buy something from Apple on the iTunes Store, on your iPad and have the item automatically downloaded to your other Apple devices, for instance your iPhone and your iMac computer. It’s not just the fact that when you start a project, for example within the Pages application, and that you will be able to go to your other Apple devices and continue on from wherever you got to within the project. It isn’t even the Marauders Map (Harry Potter reference) that is the application which is called Find My Friend. It isn’t the opportunity to capture a photograph, here on your iPad, and find that it is also waiting for you there on your iPhone. What is so good about it is that you always have all of your documents available to you, wherever you are, and whichever device you’re using. What makes it all so good, is the integration of the applications, your documents, availability of those documents and how it all fits in with your lifestyle.

Apple  iCloud release date

The iCloud release date is the same as IOS 5

I must admit, that I’m really looking forward to having an e-mail address that is going be free to me with iCloud. I am also looking forward to the fact, that I will be able to get away from using Google for my address book syncing and calendar syncing, as this will be part of the iCloud iPad experience. I did used to have a MobileMe account, despite the fact that some people complained about it, I found it very useful. I only stopped using it as part of an economy drive. I have attempted to use Google to do the same things as I did with MobileMe, but it was difficult to setup in the first place and I don’t think it was successful overall.

I’m looking forward to the way that iCloud will do it all for me, with iCloud iPad capabilities and the same thing happening on my iMac and iPhone. iCloud will be automatically storing my content, wherever I created it and pushing it out to my other devices. We still have to see exactly how this is all going to work, but I expect Apple to make it simple to use and simple to set up. Getting 5 GB of free storage is a good bonus which is part of iCloud. Good thing about it is that the Photo Stream, that is the capability where the photos are pushed automatically to all of your devices, is not counted as part of that 5 GB. Of course, we can expect Apple to make it easy to purchase more storage if we need it. That free storage that we get from iCloud iPad, is there to store mail, documents, account information, settings and other application data.

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Knowing what to do and when iCloud iPad calendar

Whenever I make a change in my calendar on the iPad I’ll build to see that change also be updated within iCal on my Mac. Also if I shared that calendar out, perhaps to my wife, then the change will also be shown in that calendar on my wife’s Apple device. That iCloud iPad and other Apple devices, service will be fairly handy if you want to let other people know what your doing, or vice versa.

Synchronisation of iCloud iPad contacts

Something else that people have been complaining about, is the contacts application, whether that be the version that is in OS X Lion all the iCloud iPad iOS 5 version. What has happened is that Apple have made attempts to make the application look nice, with the fake leather stitching images as part of the application. One or two users seem to expect that if it is on a computer then it should just look more functional. The main thing is that when we are using iCloud is that the entire address book will be synchronised, without any input on our part to all of our Apple computers, iPad included.

iCloud release date for the marauders map

In the Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter got his hands on a marauders map. This was a special map that showed where everybody was, within Hogwarts, the school. Unlike the marauders map, Find My Friends will have some privacy features. The friends that you will see on the map will have given permission for you to see where they are. This feature that is part of iCloud iPad and iPhone will be excellent if you are having a meeting of a group of people. You will be able to see each other as you make your way to the location, where you are all meeting up. I expect that this will work much better on the iPhone than on the iPad, seeing as the iPhone has the GPS. One little feature that is very useful, is the fact that Find My Friends also works in conjunction with contacts and maps.

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Getting ready for some fun on iCloud release date

Sharing your location with a bunch of your friends, can be set up so that it is a temporary share. You can have it so that you are shared for one day or for a weekend. This would be very handy, if you are at an amusement park, where a group of people is quite likely to split up and want to be able to get back together again, perhaps to have lunch. I am looking forward to seeing this in use on iCloud release date 12th of October. I think that there will be many people using the services, that are part of the iCloud iPad and iPhone capabilities and having a lot of fun while doing so.

Splashing in the photo stream and iCloud – a release date

There will be a special Photo Stream album, that will hold the last 1000 photographs that you have taken. You won’t be able to edit or delete any photos from the photo stream, what you will do is to save a photo that you want to work with or keep permanently, into your Camera Roll. iCloud will be storing those photos for up to thirty days, and that should be plenty of time for you to connect your iPad with camera or iPhone, to your main computer.

We will be able to turn on Photo Stream within iPhoto or Aperture, what this will do is to keep a complete set of our photographs on our Mac. This will have the effect of automatically importing every picture in the photo stream into the photo library. This is another example, of how the way we do things, are being affected, by the technology and software combination that is being provided to us by Apple. It is easy to see why this ease-of-use is appealing to many computer users, that are turning in droves to be a part of the Apple universe. iCloud download available on the iOS5 and  iCloud release date of 12th October 2011.

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