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IPad Photos

Seeing as though, I’ve been mentioning photography in conjunction with the iPad of thing is about time that we looked a little bit more closely at the iPad for photographers. There are a large number of iPad photo apps on which you can do some iPad photo editing. There are various photography apps that are more in the realm of social networking, pushing your photos out to the people that you know. Applications such as Instagram which will not only show your photographs but give you an opportunity to apply certain types of effects to them. Sometimes the effect can seem a little bit annoying when they are applied too often, perhaps ruining a photo rather than enhancing it.

Which iPad for Photographers

Does the iPad have a camera? Of course, to be able to use the photography applications on the iPad, you do have to have iPad 2, which has the camera, so that you can have iPad photos. If you look at the iPad spec you will see that the quality of the cameras in the iPad are not too good. You would be far better to buy the iPhone 4 or 4 S, if you want to take decent images with your IOS device. The iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera and the iPhone 4 S has an 8 megapixel camera, and both of these are immensely superior to the camera you will find in the iPad.

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How to organise photos on your iPad

When you are using your iPad to take photographs, you will want to learn how to organize photos on your iPad. This may be a little different when we get iOS 5 and iCloud. This is where your photos go into a Photo Stream, up to 1000 of them and they will stay there for up to 30 days on your iOS device. On the device where you took the photograph, you will be able to move the photos that you think are the best ones and worth keeping, into your photo roll, so that they are saved for posterity.

iPad Photo App

What can the iPad do with your Photos? As I am sure you are aware, that when you plug in your iPad by USB, if you have photos on your iPad, iPhoto will open and ask you if you want to import the photos into your iPad photo roll. Also what you can do is to go into iTunes, and click on the option to synchronise your iTunes library to your iPad. You can either synchronise all of the photos that you have in the iPhoto library or you can choose specific albums. If you want to you can just choose events that are in albums that are from the last 3 months, the last month or even the last 12 months. You might even decide to have it synchronised based upon, for example, the last 3 events or the last 20 events. So with this facility and the connection with iPhoto on your Mac you could say that iPhoto, is your iPad iPhoto application. Using the synchronisation with iTunes will have your iPad photo albums up to date.

iOS and the iPad for Photographers

IPad for Photographers

Coming up soon in iOS 5 within the photos application, there will be the possibility to do enhanced editing of your photos. You will be able to do cropping, rotating, enhancing and be able to remove red eye without having to leave the photos application. One of the capabilities of the new photos app in iOS 5 will be the auto enhance. The auto enhance feature will do things like brightening the whole photo, if perhaps too much of the photo is dark due to a bright light behind the picture main subject. It will also improve skin tones if there is a colour cast on the photo. If you have taken a photo using a flash and you have the dreaded red eye and your subject looks something like a devil, then all you have to do is to tap each red eye problem and the software will fix it for you.

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