it is an F.C. Barcelona Day Today

FC BarcelonaNo time for the iPad today due to work and then when I got home it was time to finish up the day by celebrating the win by Football Club Barcelona in the Champions League. We beat Manchester United 3 – 1.

When I was a kid I was a Birmingham City supporter, seeing as they got relegated from the Premiership this season I am pleased that I am a Barcelona supporter since I moved to Catalonia.

There is a football application for iOS called iFooty. Mainly it gives information about whats happening in the football leagues. I can get in there and see the news from the games on that day. There is also transfer information. A good little application. I must have a look to see if there are others I can check out.

It is possible to be a supporter of a football team and be a geek at the same time? Is it permitted? Is it legal?

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