How to Copy Files to an iPad

This is the question that I get asked the most. How to copy file to iPad or how to move file to iPad and myself I don’t have problems with doing it. For the most part I use either iTunes or DropBox. The other most popular way is with email. Seeing as so many people are asking this question I will write an eBook this week and cover the nitty gritty of doing this.

The Amazing iPad


I need your help with this.

I plan to write this in as practical way as possible. I will look at in terms of the applications more than the different technologies you can use. What I would like is if you could send me specific questions regarding moving or copying files to iPad.

Moving files to the iPad

I want you to tell me what application you want to move files on the iPad in to. Tell me where you want to move the files from. Are you using a Windows box or are you using a Mac. The more specifics you can give me the more detailed I can give as an answer.

Technology making things easier

To a certain extent we have to mould our behaviour to the technology, but also the technologies are expanding to make things easier for us. Lets find out what we need to do to have a fool proof way of moving files to iPad. What about using folders? How can we make files easier to find once on the iPad. Do we have to learn about WebDAV or can we just use DropBox and GoodReader.
The Amazing iPad

Send me an email now so I can help you move and copy files to the iPad

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