iPad Photo Editor – Making collages on the iPad with QQ Image Editor HD

QQ# Image HD – Another Free Photo Editing Application For The iPad

QQ icon iPad photo editor

On starting the application, first thing that we see as a nice looking icon in the centre of the screen. Which then changes to looking at your photo albums, so basically what it is doing is hooking into your Photo Roll of pictures you have already taken. So I have chosen an album and it has nine photos in it, I just noticed that there is a button in the top right-hand corner called collage. I am going to press that button and see what happens. I get a notice to say that I should pick the photos that I want to use, okay done that, then pressed the Okay button.

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So what has happened is that I get a picture which puts those nine photographs together, in something that looks a bit like a comic style of composition. The photos are still photos within that composition, but I have four rows of pictures and in the top two, they are two pictures across. The third row is one long picture, and I can actually use the finger to move the image up and down, within the slot. Then in the bottom row of the collage, I have four images in a line. In fact what I will do is to use the snapshot feature in the iPad, which is to press the on/off button and the home button at the same time, so use can see a picture of the iPad screen as I’m looking at it.

Along the bottom of the screen, there are two tabs. The first tab is to Collage with Template, there are eight templates to choose from. Tap on one of the choices and the photos fly into position, to fill in the shapes of that template. Quite interesting really I quite like the results.

In the Collage as you like, tab, I see my nine photos scattered on screen and underneath that there is a row of backgrounds that I can choose from. The backgrounds include, a wall shot, a shot of coloured floorboards, a grunge style shot, hessian and flowers and a beach image. So I can choose which background I want, and then I can move my photos and turn them and position them. If I want the shots to be perfectly aligned, it is a little bit difficult using two fingers turning the picture and trying to align it, so that the photo is straight horizontally and vertically.

So is quite easy to choose your photos within this group and is size them to however big you want them. There doesn’t seem to be any way to decide which photos are going to be on the top the pile and which will be at the bottom of the pile, so some pictures are front of other pictures. So if there is an image that you want to be able to see all of it, and it is not the front image, then all you can do is to arrange the other photographs around it. Double tapping on a photograph enlarges it slightly, and you can keep doing that until it fills the screen.

iPad Photo editor

If you decide that you have too many photos on the working space, then just drag the photo that you don’t want to the background at the sides. That photo you just dragged off to the side, is then deleted from your collage that you’re working on. There is also an Add Photo button unless you can use to bring you another photograph onto your collage.

It would be good if it was possible to rearrange the order of the photos. It would also be nice to have the option of being able to add a drop shadow to your images, to help them pop off the background visually, little bit more.

There is a share button that is in the top right corner of the screen. When you tap on that, you are asked first of all to enter an account for QQ # and a password. So off I go to do believe in Google to find where I can get an account with Q Q, only to find out that Tencent QQ is actually, according to Wikipedia, the most popular free instant messaging computer program in mainland China. It is available in English and French and Japanese as well as Chinese but I’m not sure sharing, with that network is going to be really suited to many here in Europe or you in the USA. In any case there are no other share options within the photo application on the iPad. Oh Well – Never mind!

QQ iPad image editing

I only found out about the ability to doodle on the photo and to be able to select borders, by going back to the album and choosing one photo on its own. You can then choose from some twee looking borders that might suit little girls. Far too pretty and not many choices for the average user. The brushed out edges or the one that makes it look like a snail mail stamp were OK but the rest left me looking for a vomit bag.

Despite the fact that the sharing on this application is limited, it is still an interesting application to use to make photo collages. Even for the collage end of things, the application could benefit from a few updates, such as the drop shadows to the photos and the ability to change the order of the photos front to back. You can still create an interesting image with a number of your photos, either using the template is all doing some free flow collage with your iPhone or iPad photographs. You can edit your iPad photos this way and save the result, then share the amazing iPad artwork that you have created using a different application such as Instagram. I wonder if maybe you would be better off with using a web service to get free photo editing online? But then you would have to up load the photo and put up with slow 3G speeds while doing it, so maybe a native iPad photo editing app is the best way for this.

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