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Using Instagram on the iPad – iPad photography

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Are you an iPad photograher? Instagram has been one of those applications for the iPhone, which has become very popular as a way to share photos with other people. I suppose it would be because it does link in with Twitter and Facebook, and people do like to share photographs on these big social networks. Well, there are a number of ways of sharing photos with Twitter anyway, so what do you get extra by using Instagram? Then of course with Facebook, there is not an official Facebook application for the iPad and users don’t seem to be that happy with using some of the third-party Facebook apps. Maybe the Facebook Applications are not terribly good because Facebook itself, keeps changing and the developers can’t keep up with it. That is why it will need a official Facebook application from Facebook. It will be on one of the answers to the question what does the ipad do?

The Amazing iPad

So there you are you want to share your photographs with your followers, the reason you do it with Instagram for Twitter, is because of the extra filters you get with Instagram to change the way your photos look. Then you use it to Post to Facebook just because it is so much easier sending photos in via Instagram photo app. Certainly Instagram must be doing something right, as they have had over 10 million users register, and more than 250 million photographs shared. Those figures are from 12 months of Instagram being available to the world.

iPhone and iPad Photos taken to show a slice of life around the world.

Instagram boasts that their users have been taking pictures of people getting married, lots of new babies, images of world events and even a riot or two. While it is possible to share these iPad photos in their natural form, the way that they were taken many will have been given a face change by the application of a weird filter.

iPad Photography app needs a proper iPad application.

When using this iPad photography application on the iPad, you will notice that it is not really an iPad application. It is one of those applications that needs to be increased to 2 times size, so that it fills up the screen. It is really just an iPhone application. Hopefully at some point in time the developers will bring out an Instagram HD version for us iPad photo apps users.

What can you do with your iPad photos

So open up Instagram on your iPad and the first thing that you will see is a feed of the photos that are being shared via Instagram. There is a button in the top right-hand corner that you can tap to refresh the feed. You may then scroll down through the photos of the people that you are following, to see what they have posted. You can use the find friends feature, which will find Instagram users from your contact list, your Facebook friends, your Twitter friends and you can also do a search for names and usernames. Instagram also have a suggested people to follow section, if you want to find more friends. In some ways Instagram is quite like Flickr but specifically for iOS or mobile computing.

Instagram is suitable for family viewing

You can take part in the social aspect of Instagram in a similar way to the way that Facebook works, where you might tap on the Like button or you might add a comment. Under the photo on the right hand side there is another button which allows you to flag a photo for review. I suppose that is in case somebody is putting up photographs of things that you would rather not see. Isn’t there always somebody that wants to put a picture of some genitalia, or something equally offensive for public viewing.

Sharing your iPad pictures

To share a photo, in the centre of the screen at the bottom there is a button. Tap the button and if you have a camera, you will be able to take a photo and then do the Instagram magic on it before you share it with your followers. If you’re using an iPad without camera, then you can go through your saved photo albums and select a photo to share on the Instagram feed.

Instagram iPad photo filters

Sharing and being social with iPad photography

To the right of the share button, you have an icon which will take you to News. On that screen you can see what other people are doing, such as somebody who gave a Like, to somebody else’s photo and it will tell you how long ago that happened. Instagram, in this screen, also tells you who is now following whom.

Using the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the application, you can go to your profile. It is in this profile that you will find friends, invite friends, or search Instagram. You can search by names and usernames or by tags. Within the section called photos, you can see your photos and in there you will feel to see how many photos you have uploaded, how many followers you have and also how many people you are following.

Instagram the Photo App for your iPad photos

In the next section you can tap to get to where you need to edit your profile. You can put in your real name, alongside your username, your website address and a bio of up to 150 words. Fill that information out, or as much of it as you want to and tap on submit. Instagram will be one way to organize photos.

Privacy while using iPad photo apps

You can if you wish, select to have your Instagram iPad photos as Private and it will then require authorisation, before anybody can follow you. All in all, it seems to be a very good service that has just celebrated one year of business on the Internet in the iOS space. Instagram certainly is a good way to be able to share your photos and be social with them. One of the must have iPad photo apps to have in the arsenal of iPad photo editing apps. Yes the iPad for photographers is something we can expect to see more of as the cameras get improved over time.

The Amazing iPad