iPad Must Have Apps That You Really Should Have on Your iPad

iPad Must Have Apps – The Essential Ones

iPad must have apps, will rather depend upon what is you want to do with your iPad. It is totally dependent upon how you wish to use your iPad, or what type of user you are. Having said that, there are one or two applications that have been made for the iPad that I think every iPad user should put on to the iPad. Of course there are some iPad applications that are must haves’ on the iPad such as Mail and Safari, as they are included as standard applications by Apple. But there always will be one or two applications that should have been included on there, but have to be added as an after market addition.

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The really important iPad must have apps

Security is really important, whichever type of computer you are using, whether that be a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad or even a Windows computer. Keeping good, safe passwords is vital and it is just about necessary to use passwords on a large number of websites. Seeing as many computer and iPad users will use their computing devices to access banking accounts and other important information online, 1Password or a similar application, has to be included in the list of iPad must have apps.

TextExpander is a dead cert to be one the list of iPad must have Apps

TextExpander touch for the iPhone Typing Shortcut Utility Saves You TimeAlthough the iPad has the predictive text facility, which will fill in the rest of a word for you as you are typing on the on-screen keyboard, it only works on a word by word basis. To this end I will suggest that Textexpander should be included in the list of iPad must have apps. Textexpander works as a stand-alone application and also it is integrated into a number of other applications. Amongst the other types of applications it works in, you will find note taking applications in the majority, but also you will find it in many other types of application, such as getting things done, to-do lists, blogging applications and various social networking type of applications. Text expander has even been included in the Attendance app which is intended for teachers to use on the iPad.

What text expander does, is to allow you to create snippets of text which could be a single word or even a whole section of boilerplate text, that you use frequently and for that snippet to be inserted when you use a particular short code. For example if you type in the word ddate with an extra letter at the beginning of it, it will insert today’s date for you. Maybe you are answering a lot of e-mails in which the answer is quite often the same, you could save yourself a whole lot of typing by having canned answers. Textexpander is an extremely useful application and is also available for use on the Mac, it can be synchronised by using Dropbox.

Other possibles for the iPad must have apps list

Other applications which would be in the list of iPad must have apps, would probably include GoodReader, Pastebot, your favourite Twitter application and possibly Skype. Even though there is a video application already on the iPad, I will also include the VLC and AirVideo as iPad must have apps. Everything else will be down to personal taste. What are your favourites to include in this list?

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