When Does The New iPad Come Out

When Does The New iPad Come Out, Really?

This question, about when does the new iPad come out, is one that is frequently discussed on many of the Mac-based podcasts. Usually these stories, questions and rumours surface on a day when there is little or no Apple news of any substance. Leo Laporte and his cohorts, the podcasters that are found on the Mac roundtable, just love to talk complete rubbish about something which they have absolutely no idea about, with the regards to the real story. As much as possible I will disregard and ignore any of the rumour stories that come out around the question of when will the new iPad come out. This is because, nobody knows, except Apple when will the next ipad come out.

Talking About When Does The New iPad Come Out

My desire to ignore the rumours, and get fed up by the mashing up of all the rumours by the podcaster’s, doesn’t stop me from wondering myself about when does the new iPad come out. This is because at the moment I have the iPad 1 and I enjoy using it very much. The iPad 1 does all that I ask it to do, I have no need of the camera on the iPad. The camera on the iPad is of low quality anyway. The increased speed of the iPad 2, of course would be nice, but for the moment this is of no consequence to me. But what is worth considering though in terms of when does the new iPad come out, is the timing of when to buy a new one. There is nothing worse than buying a new techno-toy and only a week later there is a new version, that is fast, sexy and improved in all sorts of ways.

When Does The New iPad Come Out

With Apple, if something like that happens, less than 2 weeks after your purchase, you do have the option of taking the Mac or iPad or whichever device back to the store, and getting a full refund. Then you’re able to buy the latest and greatest, new and shiny, computing device to pull on your desk or to put in your pocket.

Working Out When Does The New iPad Come Out

When you are asking yourself the question when will the new iPad come out, it is therefore a good idea to look at past performance, regards upgrades to hardware, to help you make your decision. If for example, Apple are known to bring out a new product in the iPod range in September or October, then buying a new iPod in August would not be terribly sensible. It would certainly make a lot more sense, for you to wait and see what happens during the months of September or October. It might even be a good idea to have a listen to whatever rumours may be circling, and there will surely be some, to also help you work out your plan of action.

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There is talk at the moment, that Apple might upgrade the iPod by adding 3G connectivity to it, which would kind of make it, an iPad nano. Seeing as I am a person that doesn’t make any phone calls, I would be quite happy to have a iPod that was as fast as the iPhone, and could do all the same things as the iPad, but was smaller. Adding the 3G connectivity to an iPod, would make it a very desirable device to have. Apple does like to have some differentiation between products, so that there is a range of price points. Sometimes things are left out of a product, or are inferior in some way, even though technically it would be possible to have parity, just so that there could be a price difference between the devices. This is so that the iPod for instance does not interfere with the sales of the iPhone. It will be interesting to see the Apple iPod prices.

So When Will The New iPad Come Out?

As with many of Apple products there is a development cycle, or an average amount of time between new versions appearing. With the iPad, it is most likely that the new version of an iPad will come out during the spring of a year. So we would expect to see when will the new iPad come out any time from March to May. At the moment there is much rumour about the new iPhone and there are signs that are believable, suggesting that the iPhone 5 will debut during October of 2011. This is so it will coincide with the release of iOS 5 and iCloud, it has already been stated that these two products will appear during the autumn.

The Truth Is That No One Know When Will The New iPad Come Out

Nobody knows for real, apart from the people in charge at Apple, when will the new iPad come out. All anybody can do is to, watch the news feeds for when there is an Apple event announced, to be able to see when does the new iPad come out. Often you will see in the announcement, some sort of clue about what product that will be announced. For example, when the OS X lion event was announced, although Lion wasn’t specifically mentioned, it was evident with the inclusion of the picture of the big cat in the logo that accompanied the announcement. So I wish you good luck in working out when does the new iPad come out. We will see some thing in the Apple Computer stores sometime soon. Have you been wondering when does the next ipad come out? The question of when does new ipad come out is often on the mind of the fan boys. We do like to get our hands on our new iPads. Seems that now us iPad fans know to expect a new ipad coming out on a yearly cycle, most likely in September or October. This way Apple can get them under our noses for the holiday spending season. That is when we will see new tablets coming out and getting your knickers in a twist listening to the rumours will not make it come any quicker.

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