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On account of the fact that so many of us are having a mobile business now, Apple are making it super easy to be able to have meetings wherever and whenever. In fact it is not just Apple that are making meetings in the mobile space a lot easier, because there is also Google plus with their hangouts, Citrix have a product and you also have Fuze Meeting HD and WebEx for iPad. So what do we expect from these applications for our mobile meetings, aside from wanting to save ourselves the money otherwise spent on aeroplane flights and hotel bills. We can also make use of the iPad for business meetings.

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There are going to be different sorts of meetings, for example you might only just need to talk to somebody and rather than use the phone you might just use Skype. Within a Skype meeting you can have a number of participants and recently it is also possible to have meetings where you can see each other, as in a video call.

With Google Plus you have something similar with the Hangout facility. The way that the Hangout works is nice, in that you get a row of images of the people in the meeting in the bottom part of the screen and the person that is talking goes to the main part of the screen, as in bigger, and that works automatically. You can set it if you want to, so that you have just one person that is always the main speaker in your Google plus, as it gets annoying if the image is constantly changing based upon noises going into certain persons’ microphones.

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iPad In Business – Who Takes Charge Of The Meeting?

If you are the organiser of a meeting, then it is quite possible that at some point during the meeting, you might want to allow somebody else to take over the presentation. Using these meetings or webinar software solutions on your Mac or Windows PC you are allowed you to pass over the baton, so that a colleague can take over from you for a portion of the meeting. With the way that meetings tend to have certain types of content and also the fact that desktop computers are able to multitask, then the way of presenting the meeting is going to be from a desktop computer or laptop. It may be possible in the future to run meetings from your iPad, who knows.

Put Some Clothes On When You Are In An Online iPad Business Meeting.

So having meetings where you can see the other people at the meeting, the other users also having video available, you can see how HD pictures of the attendees will be useful so that you can see if people are paying attention to your content. Of course that does mean that if you are working from home you will have to actually put some clothes on, before you start your meeting. Certainly if the meeting is a sales type meeting, then being able to see the expressions on the face of your client or possible client will be extremely useful.

Face To Face Meetings In The Boardroom Using iPads


When you are holding a meeting you might decide to use the Agendas iPad application. By using Agendas you should be able to keep the attendees more focused on the content, on track and on time. With this application you will create an agenda for the meeting and broadcast it to any iPad on the same Wifi network. By the look of it, this Agendas application is more for the face-to-face meetings in a company boardroom or office. You can use this to have an interactive agenda where the attendees will vote or rank the critical questions that are being addressed during the meeting,

iPad In Enterprise – Controlling The Face To Face Meetings

There is a timer to help keep the presenter on topic, and to ensure that the meeting does not overrun time wise. You may also add topics or assign tasks during the meeting and everybody has the same view so they are able to see the record of the changes and the various assignments. With the Agenda application and you can store and track the details of the meeting. This seems to be an absolutely marvellous way to have further collaboration with efficiency, in as much as, everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet and you will be getting things done.

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