Which are the Best iPad Apps for Business

Tackling business processes with an iPad – iPad business apps

It is true to say that one of the important tasks of running a business will be looking after inventory, the things that you have to sell, from the storage of those products onwards to shipping and also the invoicing. If you have a large number of products to sell then you need to know what you’ve got for sale, how many you have of them and where they are. Now it is possible to keep the inventory up to date, watch the merchandise levels and have up to the minute business information by using your iPad.

The Amazing iPad

You only have to carry your iPad, just the one device to be able to complete all of the important tasks and keep on top of your business. This could be inspections that you have to do out in the field, collating information about customers at events, tracking time that you spend with customers, if you bill by the hour as well as the making sure you have enough stock available for sale.

Database management with the iPad in Business


Apple have a couple of database products, one of them is Bento for iPad and the other is FileMaker. FileMaker is the heavy duty fully relational database, that will do whatever database job you throw at it, while Bento is for general non-relational list type database dealings. Bento 4 for Mac lets you synchronise information to your iPad and you could use it to track projects and manage your business activities. You could easily use it to manage clients, customers and the leads for new business. There are a large number of templates is available for Bento which you can download to use and modify.

Best iPad Apps for Business

When you are using the Bento the small business database app, you can set it up so that there are checkboxes to note certain types of information, drop-down lists, dates, URLs as well as pictures and free-form text. By selecting the right type of fields in your database you can make it really quick and easy to enter your information. Apple have made it very easy for you to swipe through database records and you only have to touch things on the screen to be able to edit information. Bento even will let you record voice memos.

Best iPad Apps for Business

Photographers using the iPad for business

So it really depends upon the business as to which will be the best business iPad apps. Photographers are finding the iPad photo applications that allow the showing of photos to clients particularly useful. There are high-end photographers that will even include an iPad with the photos available on there as part of the service that they provide. If you have a business that in the past has relied upon brochure is to show off your wares, then using an iPad that can be kept up-to-date more easily, and show off your product better, will be the future for your business. The iPad is a great way to display your merchandise using high resolution photographs. You might also do some photo editing with the iPad using apps like Photoshop Express. What are your best iPad apps for business.

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