iCloud review – iCloud download and setting up iCloud email

ICloud email 1

Last week on Wednesday when iCloud became available, I was able to do the iCloud download. It was Thursday before I was able to get the iCloud setup and to be able to do an iCloud review. It is necessary to spend a bit of time with new things like iCloud, to properly see how it all works. According to reports that I have seen on Twitter, reports that I have heard on podcasts and gripes that I’ve heard generally across the web, it has not been all smooth sailing. Personally my experience of iCloud so far has been mostly positive.

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Some issues for a small number of iCloud users

One of the difficulties some people have said that they have experienced with setting up iCloud, has been due to the follow-through from MobileMe. A number of people that have, or have had MobileMe accounts, have run into the odd small difficulty. Mainly this has centred around the people having more than one Apple ID, but there’s also been a little bit of a problem for those users, that have had one shared ID for a number of people.