How to add movies to iTunes

how to add movies to iTunes

Easy to add movies to iTunes

iTunes will accept a number of different video codecs and there are also quite a few that it will not take. The video codecs that are not accepted tend to be from the Windows universe such as the .avi and the .wmv file types The easiest way to add a movie to iTunes is to do the drag-and-drop from your finder. Just have iTunes in one half of your desktop available to drop into and in the other half have your Finder. In iTunes if you have the movies tab open you can drop the file directly into your collection of movies. If you don’t have your movies section open in your library then you can drop the file into the area in the left hand column into the list underneath the word Library. Just the same as if you were bringing in some music and the music gets put into your music collection, the movie file is put into the correct place with the rest of your movies. It is as simple as that with your files that are .mov or .m4v type of files, but what do you do with one of those weird Windows movie codecs. Don’t worry, you will find a free way to convert video to iPad or iPod, you will be able to add movies to iTunes easily.

How to add movies to iTunes that are .AVI

What you have to do is to convert those movies to a format that is acceptable for iTunes. Basically this will mean that the file will have to be converted to H.264 and if you want to have your movie also put onto your iPod, then you may need to make sure it is of a certain pixel size and also may need to take care of the audio. There are a large number of applications or programs available for use on all platforms, be that Windows, Linux or Mac and the level of complexity for use of these applications varies considerably to use with your iTunes videos. See what you can do with iTunes video to add movies to iTunes or add video to iTunes.