Samsung Galaxy S II versus the iPhone 4S

Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 Review

On the face of it the Samsung Galaxy S II looks to be a pretty good phone with some great specifications of the hardware. So how does the iPhone compare against the Galaxy SII and the first thing to note, is that it is cheaper. Without doing a full set of research on this it looks like the Samsung is about 100 euro cheaper as a SIM free phone than the iPhone. The question is though, what is it like in terms of really getting down to it and using the phone.

Technical details of the Samsung Galaxy SII

The important statistic is that it has a 4.3 inch display screen and a dual core processor. With the bigger screen it also comes with greater graphic performance and fast processing of the data. The camera is an eight megapixel autofocus camera which is on par with the iPhone 4S. The galaxy phones that are being sold at the present come with the Android Gingerbread operating system and one would think that sometime very soon they will be supplied with Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 1 GB of RAM with 16 GB installed and you can also put in a Micro SD card, up to 32 GB.

What do Samsung Galaxy S2 users think of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

Looking through the customer reviews on Amazon for this phone, out of 187 reviews it has been given 144 five-star reviews and 23 four-star reviews. I would say that this is pretty conclusive that the owners of the Galaxy are very happy with their smart phone. I’m not sure that this phone would be good for me though because I tend to use my iPhone a lot for playing music. It has been reported that if you use it to play music is uses a lot of the processor power to do that and as well as getting hot in your pocket, it kills battery very quickly. To counter against that you would have to wonder how that would compare with the reported battery problems with the iPhone 4S using iOS 5. The usage for the music and the iPhone should be better with it having its background history based on the iPod.

Another thing to take note of, with regards the battery usage is that if you have the widgets on the home screen of the phone, it can have a detrimental effect on the life of the battery. As with many things, is down to give and take and the balance of the technology you want to use and how much battery life it takes to use it.

Users have reported that the Android operating system is now surprisingly useful and intuitive and will do just about all you need it to do, as soon as you take it out of the box. Samsung have put their own layer over the top of Android which they call Touch Wiz. It seems that it makes it quite a lot like iOS but perhaps a little bit more customisable.

Swapping Ecosystem

For an iPhone user that is thinking about making the change to Android, the biggest difficulty to this will be having to move from one app ecosystem to another. There you are with your iPhone with all of the apps that you have purchased over however many years you have been using the iPhone. Do you really want to change to Android and the Samsung Galaxy S 2
and have to buy apps that you have already purchased for the iPhone. For someone coming new to using a smart phone then this difficulty is not going to arise. Certainly though, it really is worth considering how much money you have spent on applications, whether you are moving from the iPhone to Android or going the other direction from Android to the iOS ecosystem.

People that have made the move from iOS to Android have really enjoyed having widgets on the home screen, finding them very useful indeed. Also popular is the fact that you can make shortcuts to contacts on your home screen for someone that you might want to instantly call, send an SMS text message to, or an e-mail. One thing that switchers have said about the Android is that it is not as easy to use, but that comes out that way because Android is much more configurable.

Samsung Galaxy i9100 S II

Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone

Technically the phone is better than the iPhone 4S and even works well for making telephone calls. No problems with the antenna or with dropped calls. The screen is actually quite wonderful, is bigger than the iPhone and the fact that this phone is quite a bit cheaper than the iPhone 4S might be very tempting for users. If technically you are a bit technophobic and would prefer the easier route to using a smart phone, then the iPhone is probably for you. For anybody else considering a smart phone then the Samsung Galaxy S 2
smart phone could be a very good choice. You might also have a look at the Galaxy Nexus which is just being released and has the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich already installed on it. So why not go and buy Samsung Galaxy S II , looks like a great smart phone.