Screencasts Online Tutor For Lion Review

I was delighted to get the new app SCO Tutor for Lion to review from Don McAllister on account of the fact that I have met the bloke a couple of times and he is a really good guy. He does some really excellent tutorials for screencast for Mac users that he produces every week. Most tutorials go to members because Don does this for a living, but he does make one tutorial available to the great unwashed of the Mac community each month. The SCO Tutor for Lion is a video series which highlights all the new things in Mac OS X Lion. Well done Don! What a super idea.

Screencasts Online Tutor

Screencasts Online Tutor

I have been using Lion on a daily basis for a few months already and after only a few minutes using Don’s SCO tutor for Lion, I had already learned two new things. I was able to pause the video and I went into Safari browser and also had a try in the Chrome browser of a double tap with three fingers. I really hadn’t realised before that doing that sort of tapping on my Apple Magic Trackpad with the cursor over a word, would give me direct access to the dictionary and thesaurus. I can see that I will have to make one or two notes as I watch these videos of all the new things as I discover them. Of course the other good thing about having tuition like this in a video is the fact that you can watch a video more than once. In fact in the video controls there is a button you can click to take you back 30 seconds for a quick repeat. How handy is that, then? In the bottom right-hand corner of these video viewing controls you may also change the speed of the playback of the video. You can go from half speed, three-quarter speed on through to double speed. Personally I think it is more useful to use the go back 30 seconds and to use that in conjunction with the pause button. It would have been good if the pitch of Don’s voice could have been changed to suit the faster or slower speeds.

Don gets a universal translator or a Rosetta Stone

In Screencasts Online Tutor, Don speaks very clearly in his Liverpool accent, although he must come from the posh part of Liverpool. He doesn’t have the accent of Cilla Black or John Bishop. In any case for those that English is not the first language, there are choices available for subtitles in five different languages. You have subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Don is obviously going for world domination here. I can imagine him sitting in his large leather office chair with a large white cat on his lap. He is stroking the large white cat and saying things like “No Mr Bond I expect you to die. – Now, now then… “ Followed by a typical arch-villain evil laugh. Just joking Don, honest…

SCOTutor for Lion2

Screencasts Online Tutor is a very good video tutorial product about OXS Lion. I learned a few things about screencasting from Don. Hope you got something from this screencastsonline review which is only one of many screencastsonline reviews.