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My 5 favourite books to read on the iPad

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ClearheartReading books on the iPad is pretty good so long as you are not on the beach trying to read when the bright sunlight will make it nigh on impossible. For those occasions you want a Kindle or a paper book. There are other times when the iPad beats the Kindle or the paper book though, such as when you are in bed and don’t want to have a light on. Or you might be on an aeroplane and the lights have been dimmed. The iPad being backlit is the perfect book reading device.

Something else to consider is that you can listen to books on iPad. I like to get the audio books for iPad from iTunes or Podiobooks.. The latest one I have listened to is by Joe Cottonwood called ‘Famous Potatoes’ It is the story of a feckless loser with no direction in life. You might think it would be difficult to make a story with such a character as the hero or anti hero of the story but Joe pulled it off. I kept wondering what was going to happen to the idiot next. I did prefer his story called ‘Clearheart’ which was about someone that was only a bit of a loser. He was a very decent chap though and you wanted him to succeed in what was happening in the story.

Book three of my five is ‘Under the Dome’ by Stephen King. This one I have in the iBooks application and it was an enjoyable read. Usual Stephen King type of story that was hard to put down once started. I also have ‘Pet Semetary’ in the iBooks app waiting to be read. I also have ‘The Dark Tower’ series of books waiting to be read

While I was searching around in yesterday I found Lens that gave information about free books to download. I have the Kindle app on the iPad and thought I would give it a go. I chose a book by Nate Self called Two Wars’ and paid for it in the Amazon Store. It was free so the price was $0.00 and sure enough the next time I opened up the Kindle application there it was. Not had time to read it yet as I am still only halfway though the book by Dean Koontz called ‘Dragon Tears’. A cop based thriller story but with some supernatural in the background. A strange mix of genres but so far a good story.

Another book on my iPad in the Kindle Application is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Jane Austin. Such a famous book that I should read at some point, but I can’t say when. It could become one of my favourite books, who knows?

Five Books or iPad audio books I have on the iPad

Some iPad books listened to, one read in iBooks and two waiting in the Kindle app. I do have other books on my iPad ranging from novels to eBooks to technical reference books. Also there is the up and coming iPad Magazines that are written in HTML5 for the iPad, along with Flipboard this is the future of content to be read on the iPad.

  • Famous Potatoes – Joe Cottonwood
  • Clearheart – Joe Cottonwood
  • Under the Dome – Stephen King
  • Two Wars – Nate Self
  • Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austin

So what are you waiting for go and find some iPad audio books. I love the audio books  and i books as I have some work in the summer that leaves me bored as hell. If I didn’t have audio books for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, I would be driven mad.



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