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I have to admit that I am not really one for gaming, I am usually too busy writing and If I am chilling for a while I will be in front of the television. But I do have a few games on my iPad and I am not averse to a bit of fun. Here is what I have on the ipad this morning. Which do you think is the best iPad game?

  • Bejeweled
  • BeeCellsLite
  • FlightControl
  • Orba
  • We Rule
  • World of Goo
  • Sudoku Tablet
  • Words HD
  • Game Center

Best iPad Game Apps

Flight Control, BeecCellsLite and Bejeweled followed me from the iPhone games and I have to tell you that I got a little addicted to the game Flight Control. Also I have played the other two games a fair bit too. Orba is a simple game also where you have to clear the baubles when there is a set of three together. You get more points if you clear a complete colour. It does take a bit of doing to join together as many links of the colours. I get bored with it quickly but is entertaining in a mind numbing sort of way. Not bad if you just want to lose yourself for a few minutes while waiting for something.

World of Goo

This is a great game that have won a few accolades for best iPad game development, I even saw it mentioned on the Channel Five Gadget Show last night. You have to build up the Goo so that the other bits of goo can get out past the blockage. One of the levels really had me cursing until I found out how to do it.

Words HD

This is a Scrabble game against an opponent somewhere out on the internet. I played it and had fun doing it. There is no rush to fill in the words so you haver time to even do a bit of research if you want to. I like the game and making the brain work and struggle to come up with good words.

Sudoku Tablet

You are set a puzzle to complete and the levels vary, including Sudoku Samurai and Sudoku Plus which break out of the standard shape of the nine cells with nine numbers within. You can choose the level from simple to easy to hard. There is a bit of a cheat in there with the pencil mode which put in the possible inside another inner grid. A double tap on the hint button tells you the number. SO be tough on yourself and you brain cells or make the grey matter sing for its supper, it is up to you.

There is a pencil mark mode and there is an option to have it colour a wrong number in red immediately. That makes it a bit easy, doesn’t it. I like the highlighting of the row and column, just makes it easier on the eyes when you are looking at the puzzle.

The other games on my iPad

The rest of the games on the iPad are just there for me to have in case I get bored one day and decide to have a play with, for something different to do. I never got into Plants vs Zombies but I know a lot of people have had great fun with it. Right then –  It is time to go and play some games on my iPad.

What is your favourite game and why? Which do you think are the best iPad game apps that you have seen or played so far? Have you been impressed by iPad game development? I think there have been some amazing iPad games apps created so far and there will be lots more great iPad apps to come.

Leave a comment below or fill in the form to send an email and I will collate all the answers to post in another blog post in a few days.

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