Book Creator for iPad or The Creative Book Builder – Which One To Use

Book Creator for ipad

The Book Creator for iPad compared to Creative Book Builder.

So we have our e-book all written, that is all the text has been extruded from our brain and put in some sort of logical format. Now what we want to do, is to get it out there so that other people can take advantage of it. The creative part is done with the words, and aside from some creativity in terms of making the cover image and adding any illustrations to the book, what we have next is the technical aspect of getting it into the right format for publication.

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Buy an App or get a Free EBook Creation Tool

We could go the free route with the Demi Books Composer, Or we might decide that what is need is an application for the iPad, that will allow us to create our e-book, and we don’t care even if we have to pay for it. Let’s have a look at two paid for applications, one is Creative Book Builder which is coming in at just under four dollars and compare it with the book creator which is costing just under seven dollars. Unless we get a good set of reviews of the book creators for iPad then we are going to have to actually try these out to see which works best with our book.

The Amazing iPad

Creating eBooks From Start to Finish or Are There Limitations

We need to know whether the application software is easy to use. Are there any limitations as to what the e-book iPad application can do? We will want to know if the final published version of the book is going to be up to the standard that we expect for our creative endeavours. Which application is going to give us what we need, without any further steps or cost or will we come across surprises in the form of extra charges to be able finish the job off.

Write the body of the book  in Book Creator and then import into the eBook builder app

Creative Book Builder is easy to use to the point, that anybody could start a book, edit and publish it in just a few minutes. Obviously that’s not taking into account all of the hard work and time involved in actually writing the words. What we’re talking about here is the piecing it together and having is ready to publish. In Creative Book Builder there is no limit to the number of chapters that you can have. You can do the usual things like adding titles, descriptions, pictures, video, audio such as sound effects and music and even be able to put in links, both internally and externally to the book.

Book Creator

Great project and Educational use of iPad

What can the iPad do for the teacher – One of the uses that applications where creating books is being used, is within schools. Students in classrooms love to be able the to take work that they have created for a class and put in it in a format that allows the work to be presented to their classmates, their family and of course, the teacher. Being able to see a finished piece of work creates an incredible feeling of achievement and pride. Being able to give your mother an actually book to read on her iPad in the iBook application, is a whole lot better than having your drawings displayed on the fridge door.

Proper format for ePub as required by Apple

Your book will work properly in iBooks fixed layout format, even if you’re using double page images. So far it has been easy to learn how to use this and it seems to be very intuitive iPad app for eBooks. This application is also great for professors and teachers to use to be able to create the booklets to be passed to the students. The students being able to read the book like this, in some ways are able to connect better to the subject matter, compared to if the same content was being presented as a Keynote presentation.

Design a Cover for your Book

Designs for the front cover can be created in other applications such as using Pixelmator, the Mac application. Or you might do it in Art Studio, right there on your iPad. It is also possible to create your cover within the application bringing in pictures and formatting text as you go. It is but a hop, skip and a jump to have put a book together and published in iBooks. It is quite possible to easily have your professional looking e-book published and ready for reading in about half an hour. Depending on the size of the book and having all the assets ready to insert in Book Creator. Now you can make books for iPad on the iPad. You can make books for free using the creative books ebook creator. Do you buy books for iPad I have bought a couple but I also have a load of books for iPad free from Amazon. Some of the ebook creator apps are  free apps for iPad, which is very handy. Book Creator.

The Amazing iPad

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