Using eBook Magic to Make a PhotoBook on the iPad

Ebook magic ipad magic

E-Book Magic – Presenting your photos in a Book for iPad Magic

While applications like Book Creator, Creative Book Builder and Demi Books Composer are more about creating books that are text based with some images and other multimedia, E-Book Magic is more concerned with making photo books. You can also put text with your photos, but the whole thing is more designed for showing off your photographs.

It is really easy to get started and make some iPad magic, just tap on a button to start a new book, then you choose which of the template that you would like to use, there are about 100 of them. With these templates you basically are dividing the screen up regards how much of the photograph you want to take over the screen and how many photos on a page. You’re also deciding there, where you want the text to go to. Above the photo, to the side or below the photo. The text is there to give you titles and descriptions of your photographs. Although it is not specifically set up for telling a story, I imagine it would be possible to use E-Book Magic, to do that if you really wanted to.

The Amazing iPad

iPad Magic – Choosing backgrounds for your Photo book

It is very easy to change backgrounds for your photos, you have the options of the opacity of the backgrounds. Background can be chosen from your own photo roll or can be selected from a few places on the Internet, including the E-Book Magic website having their own supply of backgrounds available. You can use the opacity setting to overlay colours on the top of text boxes and photo boxes in order to create different effects.

Easy manipulation of the photos

You can do the usual pinch and zoom to handle your photographs and you can add images to the photo boxes or the text boxes, as well as to the background of the page. With iPad Magic, as you would expect it is easy to add borders, frames and colours to the assets that you have on the page. If while you are making the book you find that it is the wrong shape, it would be better as a portrait shaped rather than a landscape shaped, then you can change as you see fit.

iPad Magic – Cheap enough to buy and try out

You will be able to get the book that you create into your iBooks application on your iPad, but you should be aware that the books will be PDF-based and not the proper e-book format of E-pub. This is quite a simple application that will be just right for some users and at the price of £2.49 is cheap enough you to try out if you think it might suit you. Overall I would say that the application is well-designed with the menus being contextual, so that you have the right menu for the job that you have in hand. Attention to detail like that makes it much more intuitive and easy to use. Hey Presto iPad Magic!