Let the iPad Applications Tell You What Does the iPad do

What does the iPad do – For the new iPad user

To check out what does the iPad do, aside from borrowing an iPad with a huge number of applications already installed on it, by somebody else, then one way to find out would be to have a look in the App Store in iTunes. If you click on the App Store drop-down list you will see the way that the iPad apps are divided up into types of application based on areas of use. Apple does have a section at the top of this list, that has sections for iWork iPad apps, business class apps, games centre, apps starter kit and the games starter kit. For somebody totally new to using the iPad, this would be a good place to start with your research into what does the iPad do.

iWork iPad apps in the iTunes iPad App Store

Pretty simple, in this area you have the office type applications for the iPad as produced by Apple. Numbers which is a great looking spreadsheet, Pages for your word processing, and to a certain extent it will do your basic desktop publishing, and Keynote for your presentations. In many ways these applications are preferable to the office applications that you would get from Microsoft. The iWork apps will work well and synchronise with your desktop applications of the same name. Apart from Numbers the applications are suitable for ordinary users as well as the power user. The Numbers application is great for what you might expect to do on the iPad with a spreadsheet, but don’t expect to be able to run fancy macros.

What does the iPad do iPad business class

Fllight Track Pro

In this section you will find applications which will be applicable to the business user. Upon opening this area you will see applications such as WebEx for iPad, Flight Track Pro, Go Docs for Google Docs, Voice Memos for iPad, Dropbox for iPad and Office squared HD. All of the usual suspects really, with regards to business type of applications, covering areas such as finance, travel, general business usage including database and the business utilities. There are also a few reference applications such as Wolfram Alpha, Wikipanion plus for iPad and the Wall Street Journal newspaper.

Apart from the business applications, which could be useful to almost any business user, you will find some suggested applications in business class that are a little bit specific to a task. One such application in the feature list is teleprompter plus for iPad. This is an excellent application if you want to speak into a camera and look more professional while you’re making that sort of talking head video.

What does the iPad do

App Store essentials – apps starter kit

With regards to what does the iPad do, this list of applications covers a wide variety of applications which are a testament to the adaptability of the iPad to so many different tasks. You will see applications here suitable for artists, education, lifestyle, such as cooking, music and just about anything that you can think of.

For example, in this section you will find an app for Marvel comics. The aficionados of comics have been raving about the comic applications for the iPad, because of the excellent reading experience of the graphic novels. You are able to carry around a large number of comics with you, to read while you are travelling on the bus, aeroplane or train. The comics application allows you to zoom into sections of the comic for better readability, as well as being able to see the whole page to enjoy the full experience.

Game Centre

Games starter kit – It’s playtime

The featured games applications in this area in the version of iTunes I am looking at, I can see Plants versus Zombies, Flight Control, Real Racing and Scrabble for iPad. It is only showing a small selection of games and you would need to look into the full games section of the iPad store to get the full picture of all of the games that are available for the iPad. As you might expect the games area for the iPad is huge. There is everything in there from the simple five minute game, to play while waiting in a queue, to the massive game like Infinity Blade that you would need to sit down and devote a lot more time to.

What does the iPad do – How long is a bit of string

To get an answer to the question of what does the iPad do, have a look at the list in the App Store and you will see everything in there from books to weather, business to games, finance to sports, social networking to medical and entertainment to productivity and even more than that. In future posts on the Amazing iPad website we will have a look at each of these areas in more detail.