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The iPad does have sound facilities for recording. There is an iPad microphone and it is sensitive enough that you will be able to record within a meeting, or in a classroom. Because of the sensitivity of the microphone, I’d suggest that you would want to have a fairly quiet room, with just one or two persons speaking. If you have a larger number of people speaking at the same time, then you will not be so likely to get a very good recording. Although the internal iPad Mic is quite good for general use, there are other options for external microphones.

Making Audio Recordings With the iPad Microphone

I have seen in a number of online stores, there are external microphones that are very inexpensive to buy and don’t have any cables, they just simply plug-in to the microphone jack on the iPad. Even though they are cheap microphones, they are very sensitive and will actually perform better, than the internal microphone that is included with the iPad. Whatever type of computer you are using, this is always the case that an external microphone will allow you to make better sound recordings.

iPad microphone and The iPad as a Skype Phone

These small thumb tack type of microphones can also include a speaker, and with this you can have the iPad work as a Skype phone. These microphones will also work with the iPod touch. The price of these tiny microphones generally work out at between $5 and $10, so you could buy a couple of different models and try them out. To use as a Skype phone you will also need to be connected to the Internet, either by Wi-Fi or 3G.

iPad Microphone iRig

The next step up from the expensive microphones would be the iRig microphone. This is a microphone that is designed especially for the iPad, it has a cable that connects into a special connector that fits into the iPad. The connector gives you a place to plug-in some headphones or speakers, so that you are able to listen back to your recordings. The microphone itself is a hand-held microphone, on the end of a cable, it looks quite professional and is similar to the Shure SM 58 in looks. The iRig iPad microphone also comes with extra software and the makers recommend that the microphone can be used for creation of music and also for voice type recordings, such as a podcast.

There are a number of voice recording applications, music recording applications and digital audio applications for iPad. One particular audio recording software of note, for the iPad would be Garageband. I have only just bought Garageband for the iPad, so I will have to have a play with it first before I can give you a review of it here on the website. I am very much looking forward to having a play with Garageband and using a microphone iPad.

iPhone Headset Used As An iPad Microphone

When I am speaking into the iPad, using the DragonDictate software, I quite often use the headset from my iPhone, which has a microphone for iPad included. For the purpose of dictation the microphone on the headset is good enough for the job. If I were to use that microphone for other uses, such as for recording voice overs, then I would be disappointed, when compared to using my Behringer B2 studio microphone.

When using the iPad Mic for taking audio notes, you will find that there are a large number of note taking applications that you will be able to record your voice. iPad audio note taking is popular with students and can also be used in business meetings. It can be especially handy, when you are using a note taking application that synchronises the typed or handwritten notes along with the audio recorded with your iPad microphone. What is the best mic for iPad?

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  1. In fact you can use a USB microphone, which gives better quality, in the place of the analog one. Sometimes the iPad will show a notification about “Accessory Unavailable: The attached accessory uses too much power” when trying to use a USB mic. Just plug a powered USB hub into the USB dock adapter and plug the USB mic into the hub. Check out http://freerangecoder.com/files/73da0e9285edeb3d6702ac3395c201f0-71.php. I’ve tested with a Plantronics headset – will check and see if my Blue Microphone Yeti works.

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