Playing games with the iPad mini

On the iPad Mini I tried out in the store the other day, there were a couple of games loaded that I was able to give a try. One of these was called SpellTower and the other one was Temple Run. My son had been telling me about Temple Run only the day previous and I wanted to give it a try anyway. Temple Run was just perfect on the iPad mini as you have to move the iPad around to make the accelerometer control your running figure. So a smaller handy iPad was just spot on. I soon had the little man on the screen jumping, sliding, turning and generally doing his stuff. It seems to be a good fun game, that would be handy to have for when you’re stuck in a queue. In fact it is a great game for the iPad whenever you have five minutes to spare.

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Playing Temple run

Temple Run iPad game 1
The game is free to get from the iTunes App Store, but you can do some in app purchases to upgrade the game. You can have some good fun games without spending any money, so you will be able to find out whether you like it or not first of all. This is a Game Centre type of game and when you get started you have some objectives. The first challenge is to become a Novice Runner and for that you have to run 500 metres. There is a huge long list of challenges which get you points or coins, including one called Resurrection. For that you have to resurrect after previously dying, sounds like fun! When you get started with it, there is a tutorial to get you up and running. (Yes the pun was intended.)

You have to run pretty quickly to get away from the monkeys and the music that goes with the game is not so intense to be annoying. You can always turn the volume down if you wish anyway. I really enjoyed tilting the iPad to move the running man from side to side so that he could collect coins. You will also find it pretty easy to do the swiping gestures to make him either slide, jump or change direction.

Temple Run Free Offers

Don’t forget to check out the free offers that will get you extra points/coins. For example, if you like Temple Run on Facebook or if you follow on Twitter you will get 250 points for each of those. Those points or coins you can use to purchase upgrades. To enable the 50 Coin Power Up it will cost you 250 or you can get an Invisibility Power Up for the same amount. I just did the Facebook and Twitter thing to get the 500.

Temple Run for iPad
There are other utilities that you can buy to use within the game and also different characters and wallpapers. It might be as well not to get too carried away with the game as it could end up costing you some real money. It is possible at least to earn some coins by running through the game so that you can get some upgrades anyway. You might have to fall to your death numerous times or get beaten up by monkeys, but you will have enjoyed yourself while doing so. I have to admit to really enjoying playing this game even though I’m not really much of a gamer, either on Mac OS X or on the iPad. So now I will just tell you about the SpellTower puzzle game and then I will go back to playing with the monkeys in a Mayan landscape. Help! I have become a player of games on the iPad .

SpellTower iOS game

SpellTower for iPadSpell Tower is a word game where you are given a grid of letters and you have to make up words by connecting the letters together. You just follow the letters with your finger going either up, down, left or right and even diagonal to make the words. It is really easy to play and not too difficult to find some words. Of course the three letter words are the easiest to get. The longer the word, the more points you get. Some letters are coloured blue, if you use these you will remove all of the letters from one row, as well as the word you have created. Each time you create a word the other letters drop-down and you will see other possibilities within the new layout. It doesn’t take long before this game becomes quite addictive and you will want to move on from the Tower Mode and move on to the Puzzle mode. I have already used this game more than I played with Infinity Blade for iPad .

Multiplayerwith debate mode

SpellTower is a fun word puzzle game that will last a long time, as some of the levels are locked. For example there is one mode that you can’t get to, until you have unlocked it by getting more than 2000 points while in Puzzle Mode. There is also a multiplayer element to the game, that is called Debate Mode that requires two devices each with SpellTower installed. It is not a free game, but I don’t mind having spent €1.79 on it. Great value for the fun that I am getting from it.