The NoStylus first look at the iPad mini

While I was visiting Girona the other day, I took the time out to go and visit a shop that sells Apple gear. The shop is a big superstore type place and is not the best place to have the Apple shopping experience. I have heard shopfloor assistants in there, that are not part of the Apple area, steering people away from Apple through prejudice and ignorance. But this place was on my route home and I thought it would be fairly sure to have the latest iPad mini . It did have the iPad mini, it also the iPad generation 4 and I was able to have a reasonable amount of time having a play with the devices.

Just one look at the iPad mini and I am in love

It is just so cute and adorable and as they say, it is just like it’s bigger brother, the iPad. I didn’t think that the text was too small for reading as it sometimes can be the case when I’m looking at my iPhone. The iPad mini was really light to hold and it fitted into my hand really nicely. Without a doubt, if I had had the cash I would have bought one there and then. Mind you I don’t think there was any in stock, so I would have been disappointed anyway.

iPad generation 4 versus iPad mini

I picked up the iPad generation 4 and had a look at that too and it didn’t feel much different from the iPad that I use every day already, the iPad generation 3. So I certainly wouldn’t be thinking of ditching the iPad that I have already in favour of the iPad gen. 4. If you’re in the market for an iPad in terms of you havinge an iPad version 1 or version 2 that you want to upgrade, then the iPad mini would be very, very tempting. The size of the device is a huge benefit in terms of how to use and enjoy the iPad. It is very easily held in one hand and the weight of it is much less than the standard iPad.

iPad Mini in real life situations

IPad mini in schoolsYou could easily see that in some situations you would be more likely to get out an iPad mini rather than the full iPad. Such as when you’re standing in the queue in the Post Office or when you are using a shopping application in the supermarket. If you are using the iPad to take photos then the iPad mini will make you look less of a dork. It would be nice to take photos with the iPad because of having the larger screen, that is not too large to be embarrassing. iPad in Education is a given.

Over the last few years my eyesight has deteriorated just little bit and I do need to wear spectacles now for reading. In spite of the iPad mini being smaller and not having the full retina display, I was still able to read the text very clearly. I really don’t know why some people are complaining about the resolution of the screen on the iPad mini. I really thought that the screen of the iPad mini looked absolutely gorgeous even though it was sitting on the desk next to an iPad gen 4. The screen resolution is after all, a higher resolution than the iPad 2 which you can still buy.

The iPad mini for educational use

On account of the cost factor being quite important in schools, I can see that the iPad mini will be the iPad for school use. You do get the full experience of the Apple tablet computing with the iPad mini. We have already made it clear that the iPad is a superb computer for creation purposes and that certainly includes the iPad mini. I fully expect that there will be many of these iPad mini tablet computers distributed within schools around the world. The learning experience that students can get from using iPad has become more affordable for schools and also more affordable for students that have to buy their own. There may be some cheapskates that decide to get an Android tablet instead of the iPad, but they will probably regret their decision and start saving for the best tool for the job, the iPad Mini.