Cars from Disney coming to an iPad near you

Disney cars racing on the iPad

As company called Venturebeat that have created an application which works on the iPad. The game actually interacts with small toy cars which you run across the top of the iPad. The iPad will recognise which car is sitting on top of it, so if for instance is the broken down old type of vehicle that only ever has one headlight working, only one headlight will show within the application. The application has a night-time view as well as a daytime view.

Well you don’t have to be a small child, boy or girl, to think this is really cool and want to have this app and a couple of these cars anyway. The video shows that there are 4 cars available, and it seems that you buy them in packs of 2 for about $20. You can drive these cars around in the landscape provided by the application, going on the road or going off-road. As part of the environment in the game you will be invited to take part in races. That is a natural the film was all about an old racing car that’s found himself in a different environment, good old Lightning McQueen.

Lightning McQueen take the lead and wins the race

When you are taking part in the race with one of the cars it is a bit like a demolition derby. You can crash into or bump other cars taking part in the race, as well as run into various things around the racetrack. You’ll find that there are 6 different races available in the application when it launches, so it looks like you will have quite a lot of fun playing with your toy cars on top of your iPad. You would hope of course that the cars are going to be safe, so that the top of the iPad doesn’t get scratched.

When your car wins a race it will be awarded points and with these points you can buy special fuel which will make it go faster in the next race. You can even trick out your car with some rocket power. How on earth are you going to lose a race when you have rocket power available, unless it makes it impossible to control of course. And with some of the cars is even possible to add a missile launcher, so that you can shoot things and blow them up.

More to come in future versions of the app

In future versions of the game the designers will be adding stories that come from Cars 2. In the version that will be launched the environment is all about Radiator Springs and you will see that the game reacts differently depending on whether it is day or night. The only thing to say about this game is – I want it and I want it now.