Using my iPad to edit video and other stuff

I am so pleased to have the iPad 3 to work with now with its two cameras. It means that I can use iPhoto and do some of those iPhoto Journals and also use other iPad photo applications. Not only that but I can shoot video on the iPad. I had a go at that today and it sort of worked. When I had recorded into the iMovie app the video was upside down in the app. I suppose the trick is to set the app the right way up as I. The same as it will be when I set it down to make the recording. What happened today was that I flipped the iPad over after I had tapped on the button the make iMovie record.

Shooting video with the iPad three

The other thing I noticed after shooting the video on the iPad was that the sound quality was not that good. I could have used my iRig microphone but I didn’t have it with me. It should have been decent enough because I was in the car doing this.

Still trying to get my head around ThinkBook

I like the application but I have found some thing s that are not so good. I would like the app to let me turn larger lumps of text into separate notes that can be indented. I want a way to change a question type note to a norma, note easily. I would like better ways to import text too. Overall I think the interface and the way it works needs a bit of a sorting out. Still believe that it is useful for outlining and worth the $1.99 but it could be better. Why is it possible to have book inside pages?? That metaphor just doesn’t work!


Magical Pad for outlining


MagicalPad is another app that does a pile of thing and could just fit in with what you want to do. It will do mind mapping, although not as good as you get with iThoughts HD it also will do outlining and work for note taking. It is very free form in the way it works and you can combine all these things on one page. That makes it quite useful, and unique. Again with this one it seems that it is not so easy to split chunks of text into smaller sectioned so that it can be indented and outdented. The import functions are very limited with MagicalPad too. Seems that it is just the way things go with iPad apps. We just have to get used to the idea that we need to start working on a project in one application and then maybe work with a couple of other apps along the way to the finished product.


You can read more about ThinkBook on the NoStylus web site as well as see the video in which I demonstrate how it works. I even have a second video in the works to show how to import templates from the ThinkBook website. Working how to do that was a bit of a marathon also.



IPad to edit video and other things

I really did touch the screen of my iMac the other day and expected a window to move. I said to myself “You silly arse.” had a good laugh at my stupidity and that was that. I did wonder late though if one day we will see desktop computers fro Apple that have touch screens included.

Loving the dictation on the iPad and also in Mountain Lion

The only thing. I wonder about is the need to work in a quiet environment to use it properly. If you have music playing in the background or maybe the telly is loudly filling the room with drama, documentaries or other speech. Will the dictation work well enough? I know that I sometimes when I am working want to use the dictation, but can’t because of the extraneous noises.


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