How to select all text in your iPad text apps

One of the things that you’re bound to do at some point in time using your iPad, is to edit some text. Whether you are using the on-screen keyboard, an external Bluetooth keyboard or maybe you are dictating, you will want to make some changes. To make these changes you will need to select the text, one or two words or a whole paragraph, to do what you have to do. You could take a selection of text and easily delete it using the backspace key. If you’re working in something that is more than just a straightforward text application, such as the Apple Pages app, then you might want to apply some formatting.

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Controlling your text app with your fingers

In your text application such as Nebulous Notes, Textastic, SimpleNote, Blogsy or my present favourite, which is Byword, you can double tap on a word to select it. The trick is to hold your finger on the screen on the second tap and move it to extend the selection. With this iPad tip or trick, you can quickly select the text in your document.

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Selecting paragraphs in your text application on the iPad

In my tests I have found that there are some applications in which the trick of tapping three times to select the paragraph works fine and then with others it doesn’t. In Byword on the iPad you have to get the triple tap just right and sometimes it feels like it needs to have four taps to select the paragraph. In Apple Pages application the triple tap to select, works perfectly. While I was testing this in the application Textastic this selection trick does not work at all. That is not too big of a problem though, because there are other selection tools within that application.

How to select all text within the document

If you tap and hold then let go, you will see a pop-up with the choices of Select, Select
All and Paste. The paste option might not be there if you have nothing on your clipboard. So with this context sensitive menu that has popped up, you can easily select all of the text within your document.

With all of these amazing iPad tips and tricks for selecting text you have sufficient tools to be able to control your iPad text apps. You will be able to select text and then either delete it or format it in the iPad text application. These iPad text selection tricks are available across the board whether it be a free text app or one that you have paid for. You now know how to select all text.

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