iPad Safari settings for buying Lingerie in secret

If you like to go shopping for ladies lingerie using your iPad and Safari and you would like to keep it secret then you should know about how to enable private browsing. With private browsing you will see a black bar at the top of the application and none of the sites that you visit will be logged. You can check out those sites that you don’t want your fellow shared iPad user to see. When you have finished looking at your ladies underwear or whatever it is that you like to look at you can go back to the normal mode of Safari browsing.

IPad safari settings

Keeping your secrets with iPad Safari settings

Don’t forget that you can also clear out the cache and data from the Safari settings within the system settings. These cookies are usually there so that your settings within websites are kept and the pages will load faster. Whether it is for privacy or not you might consider clearing out the cookies from your system every now and then.

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The list of websites in the Safari history blabbed on you

If you forgot to set your private browsing when you’re off buying that ladies underwear, then there will be a list of sites in the history. If you’re using the iPad as a shared computer with your significant other, then you may want to clear out the history. With a proper relationship you shouldn’t really have secrets from your significant other, but they could have been an occasion where you are buying a present. It would be a shame to let the cat out of the bag so that the present would not be a surprise when the present giving day arrived.

Safety, privacy and security on the iPad

There are going to be perfectly valid reasons why you want to keep things completely quiet and to yourself. You can set up Safari so that you have private browsing. If you forget the private browsing facility that is available to you then you can also clear out the history, after the fact. So whether you like to dress up at the weekend, or you are buying presents for a loved one, rest assured that the iPad will keep your secret.This