Shooting Photos with the iOS 5 Camera App

Jumping the gun with iOS 5 and iCloud

I made a start to the day, thinking that the date today was 12th of October, naturally I was a little excited at the thought of getting my hands on the latest operating system for iDevices, the iPhone, the iPad and also the iPod touch. I should have actually looked at the calendar first, because it is actually only the 11th of October. No problem really as the articles as I have already written today and the rest of about iOS 5 and iCloud, will be more than just timely ready for tomorrow. In my defence I would say that I am not 100% today as I am suffering with a stomach bug. I blame the visit to IKEA yesterday, seeing as my wife had a similar problem, although hers started yesterday on the way home from the shop.

In any case I am still looking forward to the debut of iOS five and iCloud, the only difference being that I will be enjoying it one day later. So what else am I looking forward to?

Improvements to the Camera app in iOS 5 for iPad and other iDevices

Apple have made changes to the camera app and mainly it is about the speed with which you can use the camera to capture that special moment. Far too often, you see something that you would like to take a photograph of, but by the time you have the iPhone or iPad out of your bag or pocket and ready, the moment has vanished. With iOS5, Apple have made changes so that, at the very least the camera will be ready much faster.

Better Still to Have the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 as a Pair.

Apple  iPhone 4S

Of course it will help if you have a newer faster iPhone as well and I don’t at the moment. The new iPhone 4S does look very enticing, seeing as I am still using the iPhone 3G. Even buying an iPhone that is not the latest model, the iPhone 4 is still available at around about €120 cheaper, it’s another option that I am considering.

It is always great to have the latest, fastest and shiniest of the technology being pushed out to us geeky fan boys. I will just have to ask myself if the faster processor and the ability to use Siri, the talkative app, will be worth spending the extra money. The Camera is also 8 megapixels on the iPhone 4S instead of the old 5 megapixels.

Enjoy being able to take photos quicker

In the new features of the camera app, you can use the camera directly from the lock screen, no having to do a swipe first. There are gridlines to help line up your photograph, pinch to zoom gestures, single tap focus and exposure locks, all combining together. to help us get better iPad photos or iPhone photos. It will also make a lot of sense to have Photo Stream enabled within iCloud, so that the photographs automatically will be downloaded to all of our Apple devices. When Apple were demonstrating the iPhone 4S at the recent Apple Let’s Talk iPhone event, they did spend some time showing how much faster it is to take the initial photo and also subsequent photos using that device.

The iPad camera will always be a few steps behind the iPhone camera.

I am still hoping that with the iPad 3, whenever it comes out, we’ll have a better camera also. In terms of marketing the Apple iPhone and the iPad, it could be to the advantage of Apple to have a poorer camera available for the iPad. Give the iPad a camera, just so that they can say that there is one, but always leave the iPhone as a better camera device. This way we will always want to have both devices and will be prepared to spend the money for the extra megapixels.

Other Photo editing apps for iPad

IOS 5 photo app

On this website I have already talked about how the Photo application will be enhanced. Go now look at the iOS Photo application information and see what can be done with the better editing facilities. It may also be the case that there will be enough power in the new Photo application that we will need fewer photo enhancing apps, such as Fx Photo Studio HD, Adobe Photoshop Express for iPad, QQ image editor HD, or maybe you just want to be social with your photos with Instagram. Some of the photo editing softwares I have just mentioned, are free, so you might as well get them anyway.

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