The Day That iOS5 and iCloud Gives Independence to the iPad

Independence Day for IOS devices

With iOS 5 there’s going to be independence from the personal computer, in as much as when you buy an iOS device such as an iPhone, and iPad or an iPod Touch, it will no longer be necessary to connect to a desktop or laptop computer in order to activate it. It will be great for those that don’t have a computer and want to use the iPad as their main or only computer. It will be possible to set up the device wirelessly, as soon as you take it out of the box.

The Amazing iPad

Three two one backup strategy

We will have to wonder how that is going to work with regards to backups of the iPad. Having a computer backup of your documents is vital and that includes the situation when the iPad is your only computer. For backing up, I recommend a three two one backup strategy. What this strategy means is that you have at least three copies of a file. There is a copy that is on your hard disk on your main computer, a copy on a second hard drive or SSD drive, and the third copy on a different storage device. Then you should have one of those copies that is off-site. So that can mean, that it is stored in the cloud, or it could be that you have a second hard drive which you move to another location. For example if you go to visit your mother on a Sunday, while you are there you could deal with her backups for her computer, at the same time you could swap the hard drive that you leave there, which contains the back up of your own computer. Having a pair of hard drives that you continually swap like that, would be the perfect solution.

Using Reader in iOS5 Safari.
iOS5 & iCloud backup

Apple Have backup and Restore Covered with iCloud

According to the Apple website, you will be able to do backup and restore of your iPad with it automatically using iCloud. Hopefully that will be one of things that will be working on day one when iOS 5 and iCloud becomes available to us. Having a backup is not just the documents that you have, or the e-mails, or the bookmarks that you want to save, it is also the operating system and the settings. As it is now, when you connect with a cable to your iTunes on your Mac or PC it will do a full backup of your iDevice. It remains to be seen how well this new iCloud backup and restore service will work using iCloud.

Dropbox and iOS 5

With Dropbox for iPad, you do get your free 2 GB of data storage, and more if you tell other people about it. I have ten and a half gigabytes of storage which is the maximum you can get without paying for it. There are still quite a lot of applications that will continue to use Dropbox as an option for storing files to be used on the iPad. Dropbox is a good method for copying files to iPad or moving files to the iPad and I expect it will continue to be so for some time yet. Even with the 5 GB of storage you get with iOS 5 and iCloud and the way it works so that the 5 GB will go a long way, I recommend that it will be better to still keep some things in your Dropbox account.

Tablet computing with the iPad is the way forward

With iOS 5 and iCloud making the iPad more independent from a desktop or laptop computer, Apple are signifying that the iPad as a full on computing device is the future. This will be the perfect solution for the computer nerd that wants to buy his granny a computer and the intuitive iPad will be the way to go. The iPad will be just right for the businessman that knows nothing about computers, although I find it weird that there should be such people in this day and age. I suppose I should admit that I do have a brother that never uses a computer. Mind you we are not close, perhaps if we were, he would be a computer user to.

The Amazing iPad