Using VPN iPad Applications or a VPN for iPad Service

VPN iPad or virtual private network and Internet tunnel

If you’re looking for complete anonymity and privacy than what you probably need is VPN for iPad, a virtual private network. What this is is a secure tunnel from where you are doing your surfing, be that from within an iPad or if you are using a desktop or laptop computer, into the Internet. What a VPN will do is to protect your data from it being overheard, while it is passing through the public part of the Internet. Use one of these VPN services and applications and you will be safe, while using a Wi-Fi hotspot in a public place, such as in a Starbucks, or in any other public hotspot. A of making sure you don’t have any iPad security issues.

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Be in a different country with a VPN iPad app

There are some websites and applications, that will restrict your access based upon where the Internet says that you are. For example if you are a British citizen, like Johnny English the super spy that enjoys British television, while you are on holiday in another country(spying). Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fool the BBC website into thinking that you’re still back in England, so that it allows you to watch the latest shows, that you are missing on the television.

VoIP and VPN for iPad

If you’re using a VPN then you could use it to get around ISP blocks, that are placed on the VoIP services such as Skype for example. If you’re using a VPN then there’s no reason why you can’t use a VoIP service from just about anywhere.

Ipad security issues VPN for iPad

Nobody knows who you are with VPN iPad

What the VPN will do, is to assign your computer, iPad with a new IP address. This new IP address will make you anonymous to all web applications, where this can be useful is because attacks are more often than not, directed at known IP addresses. A VPN is better than using a proxy server, because the VPN is secured for all of your Internet connections including e-mail, FTP, chat services, in fact anything that uses the Internet connection. It is important to have good [iPad security].

How do you go about getting a VPN for iPad

One way would be to find a VPN service that you have had recommended, and one that I heard about is called Witopia. I heard about it from the technology journalist from the Chicago Sun Times Andy Inatko, when he was speaking an Podcast, I was listening to. He said that it worked well, I looked, saw the price and decided to give it a go. The cost is a reasonable $39 per year. Mainly I wanted it to be able to use the BBC iPlayer which had been locking me out, as I’m based in Spain. I can report that it is in fact working very well. So far I am only using it on my main computer, but I can also use it on my iPad, when I get around to setting it up. It wasn’t too difficult to set up, a little bit geeky, but I was able to contact one of their operatives, to get some help.

Another way to get yourself VPN for iPad is to download one of the VPN applications. There is a VPN application called VPN fire and another called VPN Express. The advantage of using an application for the iPad for iPhone to set up your VPN, is that it will help you get around some of the geeky settings, that you would have to otherwise putting yourself.

By the look of it, the way that these VPN applications work, that are free to download, is that they give you a trial VPN service. If you need to have longer time connected then you can pay to use the service. Most likely using in app purchases.

Using VPNfire VPN iPad application

VPN for iPad

You get complete anonymity and privacy, the service doesn’t keep any logs of your Internet use. They have over 50 servers in the United States, which is okay, but then I need one in Britain, for my BBC viewing. In the details for the application, they claim that it is auto set up and very simple using profiles. You could be up and running with VPNfire very quickly after downloading the application.

Using VPN Express

When you register with the VPN Express service, you get 100 MB of data transfer free. After that, they are upfront in that they expect you to pay for the connection, where you can have 24 7 availability. VPN Express say that their service is optimised for IOS devices, including the iPad and the iPhone, so you shouldn’t be complaining about the speed of the service. This service is using a 128 bit encrypted tunnel between your iPad and the servers you get to use, belonging to VPN Express.

The cost of using VPN iPad

Data transfer does have to be paid for, although if you are a small user of a service, you might be able to get away with the free amount of data transfer you get when you sign up. Looking at some of the possible VPN iPad purchases you can make in iTunes, there is quite a variety of services from 30 days of VPN for iPad at €.79 to 60 days of VPN for €2.39. Or instead of purchasing per a particular number of days you can pay for a certain amount of data transfer, such as 5 GB of data transfer for €2.99, or 20 GB of data transfer for €8.99. Really all you can do is to check out a number of the services, to find the best fit to match the use that you make of your iPad.

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