Got the book on Kobo


It took a while to get it sorted and there were problems which turned out to be due to me using two different browsers. Then I didn’t get an email to let me know when it was online ready for sale. Next issue comes when I use Chrome browser to go to the Kobo Writers life to check on the book it wants me to go through the signup process every time. I’ve learned now that it is probably a cookies problem. So I go to the site using Safari now and everything is working. Even so, it is cool to have the book up on another site for sale. I put it the same price as on Amazon but as I write this it should be changed to suit the three-day sale at ninety-nine cents. Having a birthday celebration today and giving the book away for free if you don’t want to spend 99 cents. Get the book for free before it goes back to full price on Sunday. The Geeky Photography Book is free today on amazon too.